A hundred and forty

In Indian Rupees.

That’s all this meal cost.

Mutton masala. Kheema. Tambda Rassa. Three chapatis. Rice. And an unlimited supply of kanda and limboo.

Why write a full fledged review? It looks like a shady little place. And that usually means either pathetic food or fantastic food. And I wouldn’t be writing about it, if it were the former. No?

Oh, and just in case you go looking: Trushna Biryani House is tucked away inside Hong Kong Lane. Ask anybody in this city where that is, they’ll know.


2 thoughts on “A hundred and forty

  1. CookyDoh

    As far as I know, there’s pandhra rassa and tambda rassa.

    I didn’t know Purepur Kolhapur existed until you mentioned in the comment. It’s not too far from where I live. A plan to eat there shall be proposed to the father. Thank you.

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