Love Across A Salt Desert
  • Alexandria
  • Abou Ashraf

(They sell seafood by weight here… and ask you how you’d like it cooked…)

A LOT of seafood
  •  Cairo
  • Abou El Sid
    You MUST try the pigeon meat (squab). It tastes almost like chicken, it’s darker in colour and has a slight bitter flavour to it. It’s a delicacy!
Grape leaves and Grilled Quail
Chicken, rice and walnut sauce
Pigeon stuffed with rice
  • Siwa
    Siwa is a village built around an oasis in Western Egypt. Most places in the village serve extremely simple food: grilled meat, couscous, goat/camel milk. The place where this picture was taken is where a lot of tourists go. This restaurant serves some really tasty omlettes and some delicious pies. Don’t make the mistake of asking for more ‘shatta’ though. That’s green chillies (or spice) in Arabic and boy! Does the cook spice up your meal or what!

    The touristy restaurant in Siwa

Of course there were a dozen or so other places I ate at. And good places, at that. But I was in Egypt for 2 weeks in December 2009 and it’s a pity I don’t remember the names of a lot of these places. Yes, I have a tonne of pictures and uploading them without addresses isn’t really a good idea, in my opinion.

If and when you are in Egypt and at any one of the little Mediterranean(-ish) cafes, DO NOT forget to try the Turkish Coffee. Yes, I know Turkey is in Asia. But I’m not lying about some truly authentic, strong and aromatic Turkish coffee being served at these places.


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