The past fortnight

The past two weeks have seen a lot of activity, too much food and not entirely too much time.

Let’s start with two weeks ago.

July 9th, Dave and I did a quick lunch and loads of gossiping. Thai Green Curry from one of those Thai pastes and some rice. Much as I like hanging out with him, I wish he wasn’t vegetarian. He even showed me how to make pickled jalapenos (But that deserves a separate post)!

(not so green) Thai Green Curry

Sunday, mum and I made canneloni, stuffed with ricotta and spinach. My grandmum LOVED it. As did Dad. Mum and I were proud. Now, when I think of it, the canneloni deserves a blog post too. The stuffing was fabulous. Alright. One quick canneloni post coming up.

Prepping the canneloni
They couldn't just stare at pretty plates while I tried taking pictures.

I didn’t bake the weekend of July 9th because it’s my father’s birthday on the 12th and I had planned to bake then. I tried doing a vertical layer cake, but it didn’t turn out that great. It tasted pretty good. A vanilla-pineapple cake. For the layers, I picked white and orange. I guess I should have kept a whole day aside for a vertical layer cake. I got home from work at about 9 pm on Monday evening and was up until 2, trying to get the cake done. Some things can’t be rushed. Lesson learnt. Here’s what the cake looked like on the outside though.

Dinner on July 12th was at Barebque Nation. A blog post about that as well. But for now, just this picture.

The week was a mish mash of a lot of work, sulking and a lot of reading.

The weekend of July 16th, we did a mini seafood fest at home. We grilled a surmai (king fish), the no oil way. I had put a recipe for that up on the blog in June. And we made Kolambi Pulav (prawn/shrimp rice) and Sol Kadhi. The sol kadhi deserves a blog entry too. But I’ll have to check for good pictures on the camera, for that.

Whole grilled fish
Kolambi Pulav and Sol Kadhi

I didn’t bake that weekend either because it is my grandfather’s birthday on July 22nd. And I had plans for a Black Forest Cake. So Thursday evening, I baked again. A chocolate cake. I couldn’t find cherry brandy anywhere in the city. I planned to use regular brandy flavoured with cherries. But by the time I got home from work, I was too mindfucked to care about the brandy. So it was a kirsch-less Black Forest Gateau. The cake tasted pretty good. Personally, I would have loved a spongier cake with more cherries. So I’ve made mental notes about that.

When asked to smile. Heh.

My sister was visiting this weekend and I thought she was staying on until Sunday evening. I had planned Tiramisu for the weekend. But she stayed only one night and went off to see her father for lunch this afternoon and headed back to Bombay soon after. The Tiramisu plan was canned. Such is life. Sigh. But. But. But. She brought along with her, from Paris, an iPad2. For me. Fuck! I screamed like a 16 year old when she gave it to me!

Now, I’m not an Apple fanboi. I’ve never needed or even wanted a MacBook Pro. Or an iPhone.Or an iTouch. Alright, I have an iPod Classic. But that’s about it. But then again, if some one *gives* you an iPad *two*, just like that because they love you, you’d be STUPID to say you don’t care for technology. Besides, I *am* a telecom engineer turned software engineer. I *should* care for technology. Too many asterisks there.

So yes, I need to get my new toy some clothes today. And a 3G connection. And then I can show off some. *grin*

Boy. I have a lot of writing to do!


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