Green Park

This was last Saturday. Green Park. Mum, Dad and me. Dinner.

G had once raved to mum about the Chicken Pulimunchi and Kori Rotti at Green Park. It’s a Mangalorean preparation served with the Kori (dry and crisp) roti. Besides, Green Park is a place Dad usually likes going to, when he’s with his boy-pals. Men-pals. Uncles, all of them. What’s really cute about the five of them is that they’re been friends ever since they were in the first grade. Yes. Ever since they were five. They’re all about fifty five now. They’re all in different professions, with wives who can barely stand each other and with children who think they’re cooler and better than the others. But they’re still best friends. They’re complete dudes. I love my Dad. There’s this Zen about him. Everything is always awesome and right when he’s around. But I get sentimental now. And I digress. So this is where I move on.

Hotel Green Park
Baner Road, Aundh,

We were at Green Park at 8:15 pm. And there was a 20 minutes waiting at the family section. Can you believe that? We were ok with sitting in the drinking-and-smoking section. After all, we were two drinkers, one smoker, one passive smoker and one mother. So, that’s what we did. The restaurant has a family section, a bar section and an outdoor (garden) section. And one would well imagine that they could seat people at about one hundred tables, at least. If not more. That’s about 400 people, assuming every table seats a minimum of 4. And it SURELY didn’t look like there were that many people at Green Park that night. I guess everything’s alright, as long as we were seated almost immediately.

The service was a little off. But I wasn’t expecting too much in that department anyway. Somehow, when you enter a restaurant in India and take a look at what’s around you and then at the menu, you know just what to expect from the waiting/serving staff. They don’t care about clients. And can be a little curt when you ask them questions about the menu. For instance, they had the Barman’s pitcher on the menu. And when I ordered it, I was told that they were out of it. Now, I think “How can one be out of a Barman’s pitcher? It’s got 60 ml of each of rum, whisky, vodka and then it’s topped up with beer. Add flavour.”
He said “We’re out of beer. But we have Kingfisher.”
Me: Out of beer? Huh?
Dude: We use draught for that.
Me: How about pour in a couple of pints instead? That works, right?
Dude: We can’t do that.
Me: But why?
Dude: No.
Me: Fine. Get me a “The Bouncer” then.
Not cool, if you ask me.

They made up for the lack of draught beer with roses and cherries and lime and mint to garnish the cocktail I’d ordered. Fair deal, I’m assuming. Also, roses, the bouncer. Goes fantastically well.

I just took a look at their website, out of curiousity. And they’ve done a fine job. Simple. And with a good amount of information conveyed.

I’ve also been reading up reviews of the place, because well, I’m reviewing it too, right? And I haven’t read too many nice things. Everybody has not-so-good things to say about the service. As I do too.

The food, though, I like. Very typical Indian food. Good food. We started off with the usual – cocktails for Dad and myself. A fresh lime soda for Mum. And appetizers.

Here’s what the Long Island Iced Tea contains, according to the menu.

*giggle* And they sell Drought Beer. I’m sure it’s not water-based.

The Bouncer was gin, vodka, rum, tequila, dark rum, cointreau, brandy, lime and cola. I mean, cock. With a little paper rose. How cute! Alright, jokes apart. It was good. I liked it. We ordered more bouncers over the course of dinner.

For the appetizers, there was Chicken 65 and Fish Andhra Chilly Dry.

Chicken 65 is one of those Indo-Chinese dishes that is Chinese because the guy who makes it throws in spring onions and slivered ginger and garlic. That apart, it’s everything Indian. A crazily spicy red masala, almost gravy like.

I expected the Fish Andhra Chilly to be drier than what was actually served. Rawas is a very tasty fish in itself. Just some spices and shallow frying or grilling works wonders on your palette. Their idea of ‘dry’ was not-swimming-in-curry. Which is fine by me. The fish tasted really good. And that’s what mattered. Obviously, like I mentioned earlier, it’s just not what I was expecting – looks-wise. A mild hint of coconut, curry leaves and the spice that is native to Andhra cooking (as far as I know): everything came together really well in this dish.

There’s more on the food menu that’s laughter-worthy.

Mutton chops, in case you had imagined young boys walking out of grills.

They really *should* consider getting somebody who speaks English and has a faint idea about world cuisines before they make blunders like this. The authenticity of tacos, here, is questionable. I’d imagined their salsa sauce containing a load of ketchup. And cabbage instead of lettuce. But then, that’s why you know you should stick to Indian food at places such as these. It never disappoints.

My apologies for no pictures, yet again. Indian food. Indian restaurants. The waiters serve it to you. that way, they don’t really need to give a damn about the plating. But there’s a picture of my dad eating curry and rice. Yes, he’s excessively cute.

The main course was Chicken Pulimunchi and an assortment of rotis/bread. Dad stuck with the regular Butter Roti. Mum ordered Roomali Roti. And I ordered Neer Dosas, in Mangalorean/coastal spirit. That was followed by steamed rice, to finish whatever was left of the curry.

The masala used for Pulimunchi is usually dry red chillies, cumin and turmeric powder, blended with vinegar and preserved for weeks, to get the right flavour. Classic, basic recipe that makes your day. The neer dosas, which are really thin crepes made from rice flour and coconut water, were good too.

Everything that mattered was marvellous. Great Indian food. Potent cocktails. Everything else was disappointing – the ambience and the service. Green Park is a must visit if you’re in just for the food. And Mangalorean being their speciality, it’s definitely worth every penny you pay.


5 thoughts on “Green Park

  1. CookyDoh

    And even then, I’m sure the Indian Chinese in Kolkata is wayyyyy different than the Indian Chinese at a Cook Fang or a Kok Pa cart in Chennai or Pune.

  2. Suresh

    Meya, excellent entry. BTW I have found a new baking buddy, not as awesome as you…but then, who is? the Fishbones to denote taste are slightly hard to read. I will be writing soon ( as I keep promising) and have tons of stories to tell you when I meet you online.

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