Mad House Grill

I owe my social life to Kapur. I do. I’ve been home for a little over a month now, and every week, I’ve had lunch with her at least once. At some place out. Or just some nice home cooked goodness con vino.

Mad House Grill
Lane 6, North Main Road,
Koregaon Park
Pune 411001

Lunch at Mad House Grill was with @KdProQuo and Kapur. Steak. Beer. Great conversation.

It’s not a very big place, Mad House Grill. A total seating capacity of about 40, from what I can gauge. They’ve dedicated a small section to some really funny posters. This post has taken a while to come up because I have been searching the web for these posters. Two reasons that hasn’t worked: my memory and the inability to find the said posters. The only one I *did* find is this.

I was craving steak. And Kapur suggested this place was great for the purpose. So off we went. I’d also secretly been dying to meet KdProQuo. And we planned the plan. He’s nice. I look forward to lunching with him sometime this week. We work in adjacent (or something like that) buildings.

Pepper Steak in Cream Sauce:
That’s what Kapur ordered. It was steak, sauteed with peppercorns, garlic and cream. Looks good. Tastes pretty good.

BBQ Steak:
KD ordered the BBQ Steak, which was cooked in a steak cooked in a tangy barbecue sauce and served with a double cooked egg, sausages and veggies. Quite an overdose of sides there, but all quite delicious.

Steak Diane:
The Steak Diane that I ordered for myself came with a mustard sauce which made me truly happy. I remember growing up to jars of mustard sauce that my aunt brought every time she went to France (which was fairly often). The brown sauce, with a rough texture. The kind which when you eat, sends a tingling sensation up your nose, stops for a split second at your eyes to make them almost water and rushes to your brain. Yeah. That. That is what they had used to cook the steak. I’m not quite sure it’s the same as Dijon mustard, which I used to enjoy when I was in USA. Honey mustard, sucks. Except when it’s with onion rings. *grin* And the yellow mustard, it’s a joke. But the opinions expressed on this blog are purely of a personal nature. You are entitled to your own, of course. Back to my steak, it was served on a bed of mushrooms, seasoned with black pepper and salt and sauteed with shallots, herbs and some cream. Puree that and you get a delectable mushroom soup. Just saying. Add boiled veggies and mashed potatoes, of course. The only not-so-appetizing thing about what I had ordered was the way the mashed potatoes were served. They had been mashed extremely fine, to a creamy texture, stuffed into an icing bag, and squeezed out through a humongous tip. The mashed potatoes looked like a bleached turd. Alright, I apologize for grossness at the dinner (lunch) table. The steak was fantastic. I couldn’t have ordered anything better.

Again, what I state below is merely personal opinion. Reasonably-priced restaurants in India that attempt non-Indian cuisine tend to do a great job with the entrees. But they slack on the sides. If you take a look at my steak dish, the quantity of veggies served as well as the general tastability (yes, that’s not a word… but I don’t know what other word to use) aren’t really up to the mark. You wouldn’t eat boiled, unseasoned cauliflower at home, would you? I like the veggies they serve at The Place, here in Pune. Green beans, peas, carrots (diced), onions, mushrooms, baby corn, some cabbage. And they’re grilled. So there’s definitely more taste to them than just boiled veggies. Also, guys, please work on the mashed potatoes. Earnest suggestion, that.

Kingfisher beer is the normal beer, I grew up on. Well, the adolescent me. I wished they served more kinds though. I had Tuborg with another friend a few days ago. That was decent too. They’re all ok-ish beers. No good beers. I really wish the idea of microbreweries was BIG in India too. I really need to get my ass to Doolally soon. I do.

And here’s a new something I’ve added. Let me know what you think of it.

The verdict:


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