I got to Pune on May 19th. And I was meeting G’s friends for the first time. Yes, I’ve socialized with them on Facebook and on chat. But that’s only because I’ve been away for a while.

We planned brunch for the weekend. At Terttulia. They are always raving about the place. And G, about the Eggs Benedict, in particular. So hell, I HAD to eat there. And I did.

393, Sanas Corner,
South Main Road,
Koregaon Park, Pune

(For those who’re unaware, as I was… it’s where Indyaki used to be. Lane 5.)

Now, it’s a nice place. Good food. Great ambience. You walk into a breezy, bistro-ish setting. Wooden furniture. A mildly laid back, Goan feel. A dessert counter at the far left, where you can pick from freshly baked pastries, cakes, tarts and breads.

When you walk in, it’s quite a change from the outside. They’ve retained a lot of the Indyaki decor, from what I remember. To the right, on the inside, is a little area where you can have exhibitions. On this particular day, a bunch of house hold knick knacks were on display (and for sale, as well). For most part, they were bowls and ashtrays – each very unique. One section had a rooster theme, one was dice, another was ladybugs, some were exceedingly pretty work in clay. The exhibition room, as I’d like to call it, is very pretty in itself. Little rice bulbs working their way around empty bird cages have been used to light up the area. The ceiling at the far end has empty bottles of expensive alcohols, hung upside down and some fitted with bulbs. A wall high wine rack separates this room from the rest of the restaurant.

Dave organized an exhibition here only last week. I’ll write more about it at the end of this post, though.

While everything about the ambience seemed to have stolen my heart, the service was just about alright. The food took some time to arrive. The food was good, yes. But I guess I was expecting something quite over whelming – given the way my friends raved about the place. But then again, I tend to do that ever so often – expect too much and end up being let down (though in this case, just a wee little bit). I need to change that (as well).

Moving on, it was Kapur, Dave and me for brunch. They’re awesome people, you know. I love them to bits. It’s almost as if I run severe chances of being clinically depressed if I don’t see them once a week. No, really.

Terttulia’s has the regular breakfast fare: eggs poached, boiled, fried, omlettes, scrambled. They have extra bacond (for Rs 90/- and when I read that I went “Woah! What the fuck! Who ever pays an extra $2 for bacon!!!”) There’s sausages and quiches and pastas. Fries and mashed potatoes and some more starch. And then, they serve chicken wings too! That’s quite a downer, for me. I wish they’d stuck to just a nice brunch menu. The chicken wings seem kind of out of place.

We did a little mish mash when we ordered too. The kori rotti is supposed to be really tasty. So we ordered that with the rest of our food. I wouldn’t have mixed two cuisines on another day. But some times, it’s alright. Heh.

Kapur ordered a pasta. Dave got the Eggs Florentine, if I remember right.

I ordered some quiche. It came with chorizo, sausages, pepperoni, peppers and onions. It was delicious. Only, the portion was too tiny. I stole some of Dave’s left overs. And I also finished off an entire plate of stuffed mushrooms (which were passable).

Cocktails for company.

We paid about Rs 600/- per head, which in my opinion was a little expensive, given the quality and the quantity of food served. Or like I said earlier, I had my expectations built up so high that I was hoping for something spectacular.

An entree is about Rs 250/- on an average.
Add another Rs 300/- for a cocktail.
Sets you back on about Rs 600/-, just for a brunch.
You do the math for dinner, then.

Here’s a picture from Dave’s exhibition.

He enjoys organizing events of this kind. And from what I hear, they’re usually successful. So, he’s quite the man you’d want to get in touch with if you’re throwing a party at a pub or a restaurant and need some help getting things done. Or if you’re looking to have a little exhibition.

And to end the post, if we ever make a plan to go to Terttulia’s again, I will. There *is* something about the place that you end up really liking.

My verdict:
Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 6/10
Food: 7.5/10
Over all: 7.5/10


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