Creperie NYC

Another one of those afternoons when I met G near NYU and we headed to MacDougal Street to get ourselves a late lunch.

Creperie NYC
West Village
112 Macdougal Street
NY, NY 10012

He’s a sucker for sweet crêpes. And me, if it’s my first meal of the day, I’d like it savoury, please. Yes, we can do a dessert crêpe later if you like. 🙂

I’ve never seen a crêpe station. I’ve had plenty of them, though. And I’d assumed they were made like dosas are made. A certain Parisian friend will be more than happy to tell you how he showed a bunch of his friends how crêpes are made Indian style. However, here, the technique was interesting. And I was allowed to take a few pictures.

Pour the batter
Work it counter-clockwise. Then work it clockwise.

I ordered a chicken, mushrooms and swiss cheese crêpe while G got the usual: strawberries and nutella combination. Few things can go wrong with grilled chicken, grilled mushrooms, swiss cheese and pesto sauce. My crêpe was delicious. And sitting at Washington Square Park. Spring time. With a crêpe for lunch. Sigh. Good times.

Bring on some pesto, yeah!

We even saw a teenage boy from Boston do a pretty cool back flip over a row of three students he pulled up from the crowd. And we got a great picture of it too!

It was a safe landing.

Good things come in small packages, right? That’s what crêpes are. I tried making strawberry and nutella crêpes one time at home too. They turned out pretty decent. Do I have pictures? No. But I do have THIS sexy picture of the strawberry-nutella crêpe that G ate.

Heart shaped toffee

Oh, that caption? Just like that. Clearly, it looks like strawberry and nutella.

Also, they take only cash. And most crêpes are between $7 and $9. So yeah, a light and scrumptious meal under 10 bucks. That’s awesome, if you ask me!

Cash only
Meal (for one) under $10


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