Shake Shack

My Shake Shack post has been long long long long overdue. I ate there when I was in NY over Christmas weekend. December 26, 2010 to be absolutely specific. How I remember? The NYC Blizzard day! And my flight back to Raleigh being cancelled. And G’s flight back home for winter break too. But all was well that ended well. Because I made it back to my village and did not miss any days at work. And G was transported safely back to his folks in India, with whom he spent a wonderful one month.

I’m not a fries person. I’m not a burgers and/or shakes person either. G is everything fast food.

Shake Shack is a pretty cool place though. And the way people throng it’s several outles over NYC, one would expect it to be awesome. It’s good. It really is. What’s cool about their website is that there’s a Shack Cam, for their location at Madison Square Park. The camera shows you the shack and how busy it is at any given time. Live! Helps you plan your meal accordingly. Almost.

Shake Shack
Upper West Side
366 Columbus Ave (at 77th Street)
New York city, NY 10024

We didn’t really think it was going to be a blizzard kinda day. I thought it be more like, just a little bit of snow and a very cold day. So off we went, to Central Park. Because in my two and something years in USA and over a dozen visits to NYC, I had never been to the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park. And I had been on a major The Beatles spree those few weeks and really badly wanted to checked out the building where John Lennon lived and had been shot. So off we went.

The Dakota on 72nd Street, where he was killed
Never imagined this is what it would look like on a snowy day

There’s not too much that one can order there. Barely anything for the vegetarians. But the typical selection of burgers and some fanastically creative names (on their burgers section). Did I tell you I love the little logos they use? Image for burgers or shakes or hot dogs or ice creams? They’re adorable. Another cool thing is that you’re allowed to get your dogs there. And they have a section on their menu called Pooch-ini which has some desserty goodness for your canine.

As far as I know, they serve only organic food. They claim their fries are less fatty than most regular fries and that their angus beef is all natural. They also have a bunch of really indulgent shakes made from frozen custard. Add some beers and a couple of wines. I think they’re one of the finest American fast food places in NYC.

It IS really good stuff. It’s just that I can’t keep going there. Once in every few months is good. But the way G raves about the food and can jump on the next train to get there, absolutely ANY time, heh. I’m not like that.

I got myself a Shack-cago Hot Dog while G ordered a Shack Stack. We got a side of cheese fries to go with the burgers and also ordered a Shack Attack. It was served in a cute aluminium tray, the kind we were taught to make in our first year of engineering, at the workshop.

The Shack Attack is a chocolate based frozen custard, mixed with hot fudge, chocolate truffle, cookie dough and chunks of chocolate. Topped with whipped cream. Tonnes of it. Errr… did I say indulgence some time back?

The food, though not too much in quantity, was extremely filling. What would you expect with cheesy fries, beef burgers and chocolate shakes now!

My verdict: It’s definitely a go-to. The wait is completely worth the while.

I think I paid about $20 for what we ordered. Totally worth it.


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