Panchito's Mexican Restaurant

Panchito’s Mexican Restaurant
105 MacDougal St,
New York, NY 10012

Food: Ordinary.
Ambience: Naah.
Service: Even worse.
Price: Reasonable (for all that, they can’t dare be pricey!)

What I ordered:
Some jalapeño poppers and their paella.

Very very ordinary jalapeño poppers

Why I didn’t like it:
The jalapeño poppers were like any other jalapeño poppers. And I’m not the biggest fan of paying for something I can make just as well or better.
The paella – not very different from the jambalaya I make at home. I was expecting a more stew-like consistency. Plus. A couple of bad clams. Not cool. Not cool AT ALL.

Besides, conversation that afternoon was a complete bummer.
I paid some $35 for both of those dishes. A complete waste of my savings, if you ask me.
As far as you are concerned, Mac Dougal Street has a lot of better places to eat at. Go there instead.

I leave meals unfinished VERY rarely. This was one of those times.

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