Saigon Market

My past few meals out with G have been pretty hopeless. Conversation has been terrible, for reasons I wish not to delve into. And the food has ranged from bad to below average. Saigon Market shall find it’s place on that list.

Saigon Market
91 University Pl, New York 10003
(Between 11th and 12th St)

Food: Sweet beyond imagination or pathetically executed or both
Is that what Vietnamese food is like? Jeeeeeez, my ignorance, some times!

Ambience: Over-crowded, noisy… and I fail to figure why people even go there at all!
Or may be, in their defence, we just ordered the wrong stuff.

Lights. Because... just.

Service: Awful we ordered a large bowl of soup and an appetizer first because we weren’t sure if we’d have room for the main course. When we were done with that, our waiter promptly came by with the check. Courtesy, excuse me? Did we ask for it? We’re going to leave you a zero tip and a sad smiley. And that’s what we did. I put the sad smiley on my receipt, I swear!

What we ordered:
Canh Chua (chicken hot and sour soup)
Golden Deep Fried Crispy Prawns
Ca Chien (Whole Sea Bass)

What we got:
Some good soup. A clear soup, tomato based. Tangy, with the right amount of spice. The pieces of pine-apple were a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy them to the extent I did. Downside: the chicken. Chunks of boiled, tasteless chicken just thrown in. It was like they had a cauldron full of the soup sitting in their kitchen. And if I ordered it with shrimp, they threw in some boiled shrimp before they served it. Or chicken, for chicken. Not my kind of food. Really. Some times, the love makes all the difference.

Golden Fried Prawns? You’d expect crumb coating and golden fried prawns right? We were served prawns wrapped in wonton wrappers and fried. Fuck you very much. But you just made me hate your food.

The fish, we ordered with brown rice. We were served white rice instead. Given the mood (ours) and the service (theirs), I was fairly upset at this point. The waiter brought in the replacement brown rice almost immediately, and saved himself some good Indian cuss words. The fish, they claim, was served in a slightly spicy sweet and sour, TRADITIONAL Vietnamese sauce. The fish was served, instead, in a grossly sweet, brain-numbing sauce and also had cherries for eyes.

I urge you to urge who ever might be in Greenwich Village to NEVER go here. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Saigon Market

  1. Sumit

    Vietnamese food always tends to bring out mixed reactions from my friends. Being a vegetarian, the cuisine has hardly anything to offer for us herbivores. But I had a great time in Vietnam when it came to food. Everywhere I went, people were kind enough to spruce up some dish of veggies in this nice tangy sauce. On the local trains, I tasted the Pho (dipped in water it was boiled in, which now became some kind of soup). But the best were their spring rolls.

    When I returned to Singapore, I started trying out Vietnamese restaurants and had a similar experience. Very few places offered the same quality or even taste which I found in the local trains & streets of Vietnam. One exception to that is this place called Viet Baguette. Crunchy, tangy fillings inside the baguettes that the Viets picked up from the French.

    • CookyDoh

      I was hoping for some good stuff, when I went to this Saigon place, if you ask me. It’s big and always filled with people. So I took those as enough reasons for it to be good. Dude, nobody should serve cherries for fish eyes, man! Tch!

      So cool, I’ll honey-moon in Vietnam then. And let you know about the food. 😀

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