Since I was in NY for a good 30 days or so, I did a lot of eating out. I didn’t really write anything. I watched and re-watched several Hindi films instead. Also a LOT of Food Network. And let’s face it, that took up the waking hours of my day. That brings me to good ol’ Pune. Where I am up at 7 am and sleep only at 1 am – riding around town, running errands, baking some, eating out, watching tv, writing to my heart’s content and basically havin a pretty good time, by myself.

This post and possibly the next three (may be six) will be about New York City and the places I ate at this past one month or have frequented during my prior visits to NYC and never really written about.

Komegashi (too)
99 Pavonia Avenue,
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Komegashi is a stone’s throw from G’s apartment. I remember getting some sushi to-go one evening, very very long ago (possibly Fall 2009) and I also very distinctly remember him NOT liking it. And then, one afternoon, in another country, the boy was to taste sushi at the home of a very cool somebody and suddenly fell in love with sushi. That, then, had been the cause of a very major argument between us. Obviously, the matter was sorted out and G ended up eating sushi on several occasions (without me) as I everytime I was with my cousin in CA (which was about 4 times ina couple of years). G and I dined there one last time, for old times’ sake (or something like that), my last week in NY. Now, technically (read: geographically) Komegashi is in NJ because G lives in Jersey City, but what the hell, it’s right across the river!!! They serve some good sushi.

There’s something about sushi, you know. At first, I think it’s too expensive for eight little pieces of (raw) fish and (sticky) rice. But then, when I’m done, I’m pretty full. I like sushi. I’d learned how to eat with chopsticks when I was very little, possibly in the first grade. And then I forgot. And then I started eating sushi. And life has never been the same. Err, just to clarify, I CAN eat with chopsticks now.

That night, mid-May, G was craving chicken wings. Yes, at a Japanese restaurant. Weird. But sometimes, it’s best to play along. So we ordered a plate of wings. Needless to say, they were pretty awful. And then, we got some special rolls. I don’t quite remember what they were. But they were good. They usually are. I always tell my mum she should try a special roll. It’s safe for those who’re skeptical of the idea of eating raw fish, in that it’s got a few sauces and possibly some veggies to cover up for any raw flavour that one might encounter. I love just sashimi too. I remember my birthday in 2010, when G and I were at Sono, downtown Raleigh and how we freaked out on plate fulls of sashimi.

I acted like a little smartie and also ordered some Shochu that night. It is alcohol, typically distilled from barley, sweet potatoes or rice. Mine, more specifically was Jougo, which is 40% rice and 60% sugarcane. And I ordered it on the rocks. Now, scotch on the rocks, is what… 60 ml of scotch and a lot of ice? This was a good 150 ml of alcohol and yes, a lot of ice. It was not vodka. It was WAYYYYY stronger than vodka. And neat? No, I think I’m too old for that already. I haven’t gotten drunk out of my brains in MONTHS now. And I like it like that. That said, I went ahead and ordered some Sprite, to finish the drink. And even then, I couldn’t.

We paid about $35 per head for dinner, everything inclusive. This was my first (and possibly the last) visit to the seating. It’s all indoors. But they have a section to the back, which faces the waterfront. It made for a pleasant view – clear sky, full moon, all that. G and I, for lack of good conversation to make, spent most of our time looking at the fish in the huge aquarium we were seated by. Life’s like that. Some times.

Below, are some pretty awful pictures of dinner that night. I had only my phone. And it’s not a very good one, when it comes to the camera.

The 'speciality roll' G ordered... with the extra sauces, he likes it that way.
Another shot of G's dinner. Looks far better here, no?
Brownie for dessert... I was still off chocolate, then
Green tea crème brûléee for me... The caramelized sugar was wayyyyyy too much... it nearly killed the awesomeness of what lay beneath it.

We paid about $70, in all, which wasn’t all that bad, when I come to think of it. Komegashi’s worth visiting, if you’re in Jersey City, craving Japanese cuisine and too bored to swim across the river.


2 thoughts on “Komegashi

  1. Sumit

    This post reminds me, I *really* need to learn how to use chopsticks. My jugaad way of using it only works for stuff like dimsums or veggies :p

    • CookyDoh

      I pretty much struggle with rice. And I suck when it comes to peas. 🙂 You’re not alone. But then, in my defense, I didn’t stay in Singapore. I don’t NEED to use chopsticks for anything other than sushi.

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