Euro Asian Bistro

I got to my aunt’s house, bags and all, from G’s house Easter weekend. My aunt and I watched Rio that Saturday and post-movie, we walked across the movie theatre to dine. Neither was too hungry but both were bored to cook up a decent dinner. And that, dear readers, is the story of a pictureless meal at an Asian Bistro in upstate NY.

The place is filled with Asian looking staff, for the feel of course, and dim lights to add effect. The music is oriental, of sorts. And that’s where it stops. That doesn’t mean the food is bad, not at all. That only means that I didn’t think the food was Asian or Oriental or Indian or Sri Lankan or Malaysian or any-other-Asian-country-an in any way.

We ordered the Euro Asian Sampler and the Lobster Risotto. The Euro Asian Sampler was two pieces each of Taro Duck Empanada, Goat Cheese Gyoza Ravioli, Shrimp Turnover and Pork Tenderloin Pot Stickers. They were out of duck, so we sub-ed the duck for a pair of the Shrimp Turnover, which were fried wontons, stuffed with cream cheese. Tcheh! What a downer! The Ravioli was stuffed with goatcheese and served with a light watercress salad. What IS is with pot stickers that makes you look like a complete ass? You take a bite. This one’s too hot. You set half of it back in your plate. The meat very conveniently flops right out. And you’re left with a slippery pocket of dough and a pair of chop sticks. Good job.

The Risotto came looking all fancy and pretty. Turns out, it was an empty lobster shell. And some not-so-big (read: fairly small) pieces of lobster meat and a half dozen decently sized shrimp. The risotto, in itself, was pretty delicious. It was Thai brown rice, obviously cooked in a seafood based broth, with just a slight hint of garlic. I think the risotto saved the evening. My verdict, you can let this one pass. Unless, of course, you’ve just stepped out of a movie at AMC, Port Chester and are nearly starved to death.

Euro Asian Bistro
30 Westchester Avenue
Port Chester, NY 10573

Pork Tenderloin Pot-stickers, off their website

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