Poached egg #fail

My mum suggested I poach eggs for brunch today. Because my dad has suddenly taken to a no-oil policy when it comes to food. I was game. I DO pride myself in dishing up tasty stuff every once in a while (read: pretty much every time I cook).

I tried looking for a deep-ish pot to boil the water in. I found a not-so-deep vessel which seemed best for the time being. There was another pot which I thought I could use but my mum didn’t let me. I think she uses it for something else, very specific and wouldn’t have been too appreciative of me using it to poach eggs. Let me add, here, that I never used anything very fancy back in North Carolina, when I poached eggs. It was a large pressure cooker, obviously, without the lid. And it seemed to work perfectly well for me. Anyway, today, I put the water to boil. And added a bit of vinegar and some salt. And when it seemed hot enough, I broke an egg into it. The white separated almost immediately. It cooked, yes. But it didn’t cook as an entire egg together. It could as wisps of white floating around in some water. And a yolk. And when I tried to fish the stuff out, the yolk broke. As did my heart.

I threw the egg-contaminated water away, washed the vessel clean and cooked a basic omelette for my dad instead.

I am disheartened. I really wanted to do this right. It would have made my father happy. I agree, it’s been over a month since I cooked. The egg not coming together is probably not my fault. I did everything just the way I used to in NC. But it didn’t work. May be the vinegar was old, that IS a possibility. There’s no particular reason why my mum should use vinegar very often in cooking here, unless she makes Chinese. I also know that bottle from over 2 years ago. And that, folks, is an awfully long time! May be, it was the vessel I chose to cook in. I should have used something deeper, like I had wished to. But then, may be it was just me. May be I can’t really cook any more. That’s quite a bummer. Because it’s something I really enjoyed doing. And it kept me going, for a long long time.

But when times change, we need to change too, right. And that’s what happening right now. Getting used to things from three years ago. Being in a different country, albeit it’s home. I’m hoping things start getting better. So what if the poached egg didn’t turn out right! There should be another opportunity in the kitchen soon enough. My mum also wanted me to make some garlic sticks and biscotti. So I should get down to doing those. And screw that opportunity up as well.

(You can find a recipe that works, here.)


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