India Pale Ale

When we were at Flying Saucer the other day, PS saw IPAs on the menu. And was thrilled at the India connection. I, almost confidently, said the name of the kind of beer had nothing to do with India. It possibly might have an American Indian connection, but I wasn’t sure about that either. I was wrong. And that’s ok, I guess.

I love Wikipedia for a tonne of reasons. Here’s one of them:

India Pale Ale or IPA is a style of beer that was first brewed in England in the 19th century.

The first known use of the expression “India pale ale” comes from an advertisement in the Liverpool Mercury newspaper published January 30, 1835. Before January 1835, and for some time after this date, this style of beer was referred to as “pale ale as prepared for India”, “India Ale”, “pale India ale” or “pale export India ale”.

The term “pale ale” originally denoted an ale which had been brewed from pale malt.

The pale ales of the early 18th century were lightly hopped and quite different from later pale ales. By the mid-18th century, pale ale was mostly manufactured with coke-fired malt, which produced less smoking and roasting of barley in the malting process, and hence produced a paler beer.

I’ve had the Lagunitas IPA with the white boy one time. And I’ve had Dogfish Head 60 Minute a couple of times.

I’m not a fan of the head that these beers come with. But if that’s how hoppy beers are meant to be had, there’s really not much I can do about it, except wait for the head to settle and unfizz out.

I really like the Lagunitas IPA. I’ve had it only once, a few months ago when I hung out with the Gora. I’m not a beer connoisseur. But I sure can tell a good beer from a bad one. This beer was really hoppy. I almost didn’t like it that first sip. But it grew on me soon after. Also, what got me kicked when I had it was the little rims of head it left behind, as I finished more of my beer. Almost lacey. Girly things like that excite me. They do.

The Dogfish Head was strong. In taste, in aroma and in alcohol content. Very potent. And bitter. And a tinge of fruity-ness. When I read up online about it, turns out, it DOES have some pine-based and citrus flavours in it. Also, yes, very rich in hops and very malty. I am told that in terms of a comparison with wine, you could pitch it with Chardonnay. As far as wines go, I’m a sucker for Cabarnet Sauvignon and I haven’t really had Chardonnay in forever. May be I should buy a bottle of Chardonnay and this IPA together some day. Remember that wine-beer-cheese party that I was talking about? Boy, I really need to start making a guest list.

I won’t say much more because I’m quite a noob yet. But this sure seemed like something interesting to blog about. Besides, I’m not too sure how much cooking is going to happen over the next few weeks. I will eat out, yes. And blog about that. But recipes will take a back seat. Why let the blog sit around without any posts then? There’s always so much to write about, isn’t there!?


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