Gruyère, Oooh Yeah!

G and I were watching Iron Chef America the other afternoon, the episode where the secret ingredient is Gruyère Cheese. I’ve never had it before. And I’ve been mighty tempted to. We were at French Roast on 11th Street last afternoon. They had a few Gruyère dishes and also a Cheese Plate. We went for the Cheese Plate. Just like that. It was over priced, yes. But I enjoyed it. To think that I’m only 25 and thoroughly enjoying all the chic/suave/fancy/high-society wine-and-cheese things cracks me up sometimes, it does.

I would have uploaded a picture, but the data cable that connects my camera to my laptop is at G’s house. I’m at Rye, with my grand uncle. Or is it great uncle? He’s my grand father’s brother-in-law and a gem of a human being. He’s the coolest, fittest, most awesome eighty-five year old any one can EVER have known. Oh yes, my camera: Also, the data card slot in my laptop is not compatible with the Sony SD Card my camera uses. So I have to wait till I see G again. I’m hoping that it’s sometime over the weekend or early next week.

Since I’m at different kinds of cheese, I’d like to write some more.

Bleu: Eew!

I HATE blue cheese. I HATE the fungus. And the feeling it leaves in my mouth. I know all cheese is fermented milk and by that logic, has fungal growth/activity. But I can see it on the bleu/blue cheese. And I can taste it. You know, like mould? The kind that we let grow on a slice of bread, as part of Science experiments in the 6th grade. It makes me want to barf right now! I will contain my emotions and my dislike for the cheese. I must.

Nothing beats Babybel. I always thought it was a kind of Gouda.Turns out its Edam. That only means I’ve had one more kind of cheese, and liked it. 🙂 I’ve made wax roses out of the red cover for the cheese, ever so often. I’ve even frozen the wax and seen it get real hard. I’ve played with it for hours.

Babybel Minis RAWK MY SOX!!!

Babybel reminds me of another cheese my aunt would always bring for me when she got back from Europe. La Vache Qui Rit. I cannot, ever, call it Laughing Cow Cheese. Alright, I can. But I prefer calling it La Vache Qui Rit. While I was growing up, the only kind I had had was the plain kind. It was the closest I got to cream cheese. They sell a whole variety at the grocery stores now. French Onion. Garlic and Herbs. What not.


Here’s what Wiki tells me about La Vache Qui Rit:
The cheese is a blend of cream, milk and fresh and aged cheeses, particularly comté, which are pasteurized to stop the ripening process. Comté from comté gruyere? Really? Or are they two different types of cheese?

I think the makers did a fantastic job with their super-cool mechanism to open the wedge of cheese. In fact, I remember that my aunt would get a box of 48 pieces of the cheese: an assortment of little cubes, usually bleu, ham, salmon, chilli pepper and olive. I’d always hated the bleu kind. From when I was that little. I’m a stubborn little piece of Gujjuness, am I not?

Cubes Of Yumminess

More wiki-ing tells me that Gruyère is Swiss cheese while Comté is French. The Comté Gruyère they serve at Flying Saucer has got to be the American hybrid then. Makes me giggle, but America is America. What to do!

La Vache Qui Rit also makes me talk about Boursin and cream cheese.

I had Boursin when I was much younger too. Around the time I was introduced to La Vache… I love the slight roughness of texture in the cheese, almost ricotta-ish. I love that the flavours they infuse into the cheese come out so strong. I think the Herb and Garlic Boursin is probably the ONLY non-Indian food I’ve eaten, that contains garlic, where in the garlic really leaves that smelly, garlic-y taste on your palette. It’s a taste I love. Yes, it calls for mint/gum soon after. But its tastes fantastic, you’ve got to agree.

Sin-ful... Get it? 😛

Random pairings of bread and cheese is something I took a fancy to when I visited my sister in Egypt in December 2009. Rye and Pumpernickel, I’d had them for the first time on a lousy bus ride from Cairo to Siwa. It was love. I know I had had a couple of others too, but these are the only ones I remember. And these are the only ones I’ve been able to buy at the grocery stores in North Carolina. I will admit, I haven’t tried shopping for fancy breads at Organic Stores or the more expensive food marts. It’s usually been Food Lion or Walmart. So there’s only so much I can get.

Pumpernickel bread paired with Gouda... Heaven!

I love that G enjoys good cheese as much as I do. I love that he’s open to trying absolutely anything I offer, in terms of food. He has his favourites, sweet crepes over savory, for instance. But that only adds to his cuteness quotient, if anything.

I said I’d talk about my love from Cream Cheese too. I’ve been moving pretty much every 3 months, since May 2010 now. And there are weeks when my kitchen is shut. Also, there was a 6 month stint called employment. That and several other factors led to my increased love for bagels and cream cheese. I’ve always liked bagels. But when I bought them for home, I’d usually make sandwiches out of them – lettuce, ham, cheese. Or eggs and cheese. The cream cheese deal started off as that typical American way of life, breakfast-on-the-go. Sometimes, it even became supper-on-the-go or I’m-in-a-nasty-mood-and-dinner-tonight-is-a-bagel.

I’m not sure what the world thinks of Bruegger’s Bagels. But I absolutely love them. I think their sun-dried tomato bagels are worth a miss though. The onion bagels, the garlic bagels and my all time favourite, whether or not it’s Brueggers, the everything bagel – all fabulous. And as far as cream cheese goes (cream cheeses go?!), there’s nothing like bacon and scallion cream cheese. Lox is a favourite too. I have absolutely no idea why it’s so expensive though. The Lox and Bagel at French Roast is about $12. That’s exorbitant!

I’ll end the cheese post with a picture of bagels. I’m not too sure how much sense that makes. But I DO know the picture is one that just might make you hungry!

Much as I love different cheese, I'm also quite a dough-nut! *grin*

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