More UFOs

So I was at Flying Saucer again. Friday evening. The day before I (we) drove to Jersey City.

I’ve blogged about (and subsequently rated) the place. So I won’t do that again. The food here is SO good, I cannot get enough. Unlike the food at The Village Draft House that one time G and I went. I’d ordered the meatloaf. And no, it was not good. I could barely even finish one slice, of the two that were served. Quite a downer, that! I guess I should just stick to the fish and chips at The Village Draft House. G’s sandwich wasn’t that great too. And it was his first time there. I take it personally, you know, when I’ve been raving about a place and it’s food and all of that. And when I take the person I’ve been meaning to take there to it, the food doesn’t live up to the standard of the stories I’ve told. And the weather was SO good that day! Spring setting in and outdoor seating, around sunset. A great meal would have made it perfect. But then again, when are we lucky all the time? And we’re not talking about The Village Draft House anyway!

PS, G and I went to Flying Saucer because PS just got himself a job at Ford in Detroit! Woohooo!!! And well, I was meant to be flying back to India yesterday. Heh. I’m still here, in New York State now. Waiting to get a few interviews done and hoping life takes me big places from there. 🙂

I got myself the Belgium Flight. Let’s say my decision was influenced by the white boy who showed me pictures of the beer-cation (as he likes to call it) with his dad to Belgium only weeks ago. Good stuff. Very good stuff. Except this one beer which had a hint of lime, and yes, it tasted like pee.

I’ve also figured I quite like the trappist ales. Brewed by Monks. It’s as if drinking the beers leads to enlightenment. Or at least, I wish it did.

When I was at Flying Saucer that evening, I was quite tempted to start a BAD Category on my blog. Beer-a-day. How do YOU think it sounds? I can get the Gora to help. And yes, I can get my facts right about the beers too, that way. I think the fact that he brews beers is probably one of the most interesting things that has come out of my friendship with him. I’m contemplating the BAD idea. Really.

Again, I digress, as I usually do. We weren’t really hungry because G and I had had some really yummilicious Paninis at Carolina Cafe and Bakery an hour or two prior to our Flying Saucer dinner. And PS said he wasn’t too hungry either. So it was just a few beers and some appetizers.

The cheese plate. We ordered the cheese plate. It came with Gouda and Goat cheese (G and I LOVE Gouda!!!), some tapenade, slices of green apple, some nice spicy brown mustard (the French kind, that shoots a tingling sensation up your nose and into your brain), almonds and crostini.

I couldn’t taste very many capers in the tapenade. Just olives worked fine for me, so I won’t complain. The green apple and the almonds were, well, green apple and almonds. The little toast were crunchy and complemented the goat cheese really well. I think this was PS’s first time eating both goat cheese and gouda. He liked them both. I loved the smoky flavour from the gouda. I always do. Gouda is so good-aah. With pumpernickel bread. Ooooh. Even goat cheese. In fact, I just told G that I’d like to have a wine + cheese + good beers party. That would be really cool, I think.

I wish I had pictures of the “Snack Plate” as they call it.

The appetizers and the sandwiches at Flying Saucer are always so good. As are their waitresses. The cheese pairings and the snack plate pretty much blew my mind off though. It’s a pity there isn’t a Flying Saucer franchise up north anywhere. They have an over-rated and almost awful Hard Rock Cafe on Times Square (where Heineken and Buds were all they had on tap when I went December 2010 and I ended up ordering a Margarita instead!!!) and no Flying Saucer. What is going to become of the beer balance on earth!?! Sigh!


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