Taste of India

Talk about a mention of adding colour to the blog.
And I’ve come upon the perfect picture!

For a better view, please click here.

I don’t know what Panki is.
And they missed Undhyu. Or may be it’s not worth trying. πŸ˜›
Thepla, heh, and all those times I’ve made them here in Raleigh and they’ve stunk my clothes up with methi.
There’s no Dhokla like mum’s dhokla.
There’s no khandvi like mum’s khandvi.
Am I borderline homesick now?
Now Handvo is something my grandmum LOVES making and something I just can not get myself to enjoy. What what the hell! Why should that be reason enough to exclude it from the must-try list. πŸ™‚

They missed Tambda rassa and Kolhapuri mutton! WHAT.THE. FUCK.
Shrikhand? If you ask me, I like aam-ras, batatyachi bhaji, poori faaaaaar better.
Thalipeeth. At Sharvaree. FTW!!!!
Vada pao. Still at Rs4/- a piece all over Pune, eh? Takes me back to the birthday treats we’d give the kids in the matador, on our way home from school. And Balu Kaka stopping by at Joshi Vade Wale to pick up three dozen vada pao and a bag full of kanda bhaji.
Modaks, only on Chaturthi days, especially the Ganesh kind. Karanji’s otherwise. πŸ˜€

So wait, does that make me Maharashtrian? or Gujarati?

Since part of my father’s family suddenly proclaims they’re half Goan, I’d like to add my two cents here as well.
Bibinca, yes, very nice, as long as it’s fresh. The longer it stays in your fridge, the eggier it smells.
Vindaloo, Xacuti, Balchao… all SO remind me of Touche The Sizzler… And you?

At the cost of sounding State-ist, Racist, whatever you’d like to call me:
Ille Dakshin Bharatha!!!

But… But… But… Hyderabadi Dum Biryani… Classic!!!!

I’m a little ignorant about the East. Roshogullas and everything-and-their-fields cooked in mustard oil is probably all I know.

Far East. MOMOS!!!!!! This is for all those tiny-eyed folk who moved to Pune to study. And brought along with them all those Momo makers. I LOVE Momos!!!! And those three yummy sauces you serve with them. Especially on rainy days. Cold, windy ones even. Steaming momos!! Sigh!!!

Everything kebabs is ALWAYS awesome.

And so is everything Makhani. Butter chicken. Butter naan. Butter roti. Dal Makhani. Paneer Makhani. Throw in some relatively less buttery stuff, Tandoori chicken. The delicioso red, masala onions served with. Chana Bhatura. Palak Paneer. Oye hoye! You know what I’m thinking of right now? That scene from Andaz Apna Apna.
“Mujhe kaali mirchi ke laddu?
Aur tujhe miley kebab?
Yeh le ghode ka julaab!”

And why! Just why! Just why must I end at Rajasthan? Why must I read “Daal-baati-churma” before bedtime? Why can’t someone feed me daal-baati RIGHT NOW? No fair!
*lump in throat*


2 thoughts on “Taste of India

    • Maharani of Gaipajama

      Yes, and being Indian, I wasn’t aware of more than half of these! I think I must have spent a good one hour looking at all the names they had up there. Food for thought, in the literal sense of the words! πŸ™‚

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