Westegg Cafe

Name of Restaurant: Westegg Cafe
Location: 1100 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318

Cuisine: Breakfast and Brunch

We went there twice over the same weekend that I was in Atlanta. Details of both meals are given below:
Date: 02/19/2011
Time: 1:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. 2 Swiss Chocolate Frappes
2. 1 Cappuccino
3. Georgia Benedict
4. pimiento omelet
5. black bean cakes + salsa + sour cream + skillet potatoes
6. biscuit + veggie sausage
7. captain chicken

We paid:
$ 60, gratuity included, for four people and an absolutely amazing afternoon

1. Ambience: 9/10
2. Service: 6/10
3. Food: 8/10 (+1 for the frappe!)


Date: 02/21/2011
Time: 9:30am

What we ordered:
1. 2 mochas regular
2. Fresh green tomato wrap
3. Build-Your-Own-Omelet

We paid:
34.35 with tip

1. Ambience: 9/10
2. Service: 6/10
3. Food: 7/10


1. One of our pretty Atlanta host(ess)’s favourite places. And well deserved. The food isn’t the best around. It’s good, no doubt. But I think the ambience is what makes you love the place. It’s so laid back. So calm. So come-here-and-sit-as-long-as-you-like. That explains a brunch that ended at 3:30 pm, right? Or a re-visit before driving back to Raleigh. πŸ™‚ The bottles in which they serve water, they’re old whisky bottles cleaned out. I think that’s adorable. The boxes in which they keep the cutlery and the tissue, they’re little plywood containers with a number printed on them, to signify the table number. The table and the couch where we are allowed to wait at, before we’re shown to our seats/dining tables – they’re a combination of old army chests and a super plush, dull brown couch. It’s fantastic. It’s all that stuff that I wanted to do in my own house some day, all come together. They even had a cute photo booth, which wasn’t functional while we were there, but what the hell. Oh, did I mention the restroom? They’ve done that up in this forties (probably thirties!) style – ancient looking fittings (which work perfectly well!!). Trust me when I say 9/10 for the ambience, I probably mean 11, -2 for the loud mouthed neighbours we had. Or errrrm. Well, I don’t know. The service, though, is slow. I guess that’s owing to the number of people that throng the cafe!
2. Lady K’s photography skills are par excellence. She could be a millionaire by taking food pictures alone. And a double millionaire with the product design she’s studying. And a triple millionaire by marrying the Stanford Grad she’s dating. So what! I can be a millionaire by dating a Wall Street guy. And blow all his money up on silly home projects. πŸ™‚
3. Day 1, G ordered… hell wait… everybody knows what he ordered. Poached eggs and Hollandaise Sauce over turkey sausage. Also, his biscuit addiction was fulfilled. We had a tough time deciding between skillet potatoes and garlic grits, for the side, so he went for the skillet potatoes and I ordered the grits. He never complains about his food, as long as it’s good. So this was good. I’m attempting Eggs Benedict for the first time ever this weekend. Let’s hope they turn out good – the way he likes his eggs, just the right kind of runny and the sauce (which I’m petrified of, after everything people say about it!!) – add some bacon and maybe sausages and biscuits, because that’s how he likes it. Or salmon? Let’s leave that to him.

4. Lady K loves the black bean cakes here. And she had those. Patty sized cakes made with black beans. Served with sour cream, salsa and skillet potatoes. Verrrry mehicaano!

5. TT got himself a chicken sandwich. Country Captain Chicken Salad it was called. Curried chicken salad, raisins, almonds, field greens and tomato served between slices of bread. And some tomato soup. With simple stuff, as I always say, one can never go wrong.

6. I ordered the pimiento cheese and bacon omelet. Your regular super-cheesy omelet with bacon. Served with garlic grits (which were awful, in my opinion) and a biscuit. As to why the grits were awful, I’ve had better grits before. Also, I couldn’t taste the garlic at all. Or may be that’s just the Indian in me – the ability to take enough garlic in your food to let your mouth stink and not be embarrassed about it. Alright, I’d be mighty embarrassed if someone told me I had garlic breath. Which I why I make sure I never do. When did that ever stop the garlic intake?

7. Lady K had never had biscuits before, the American kind, and was quite curious about the concept. So we ordered her one with cheese and vegetarian sausage. She quite enjoyed it.
8. The cappuccino was well, cappuccino.
9. The Frappes were fucking fantastic. Cold coffee. With Swiss Chocolate. On a hot Saturday afternoon. By hot I mean 65F. After an entire East Coast winter. You’ve gotta love that weather. And have a cold coffee and think of Law College Road. Period.


10. Day 2, before we drove back to Raleigh, G picked the Build-your-own-Omelet option. Vegetarian sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and cheddar all stuffed into a gigantic omelet made with three eggs.

11. My fresh green tomato wrap was pretty delicious. It was all healthy. What with a wheat tortilla, scrambled eggs and green tomatoes. Alright, the tomatoes were lightly fried and the wrap also had bacon and cheese. It was a little small, in my opinion. But then, I wasn’t excessively hungry. So that worked just fine. And this time, I got the skillet potatoes.

12. Two huge mugs of mocha were HUGE, to say in the least. And very mocha. So yay!

13. I drove back to Raleigh. Well, until Greenville where we met a friend who studies there, I’ll call him The Piano Man. G and I fought the first 20 minutes of my driving, because he loves giving instructions and I suck at taking them (from him!) and it was my first time driving on big roads in a big city (and consequently, between cities). I did well, at the end. Drivers License in USA, FTW!!! I can’t wait for my parents to visit me this summer, so that I can drive them around!!


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