Cafe Intermezzo

Name of Restaurant: Cafe Intermezzo
Location: 1845 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta GA 30309

Cuisine: International
Date: 02/19/2011
Time: 11:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. Artisan Bread Basket
2. Cappuccino al Ghiaccio
3. Cappuccino Gianduja
4. Kahlua Coffee
5. Virgin Pinacolada
6. Shrimp Quesadilla
7. Seafood Crepe
8. Goat Cheese Panini
9. Portabello Feta Crepe
10. Oreo Mousse
11. Chocolate Cappucino Raspberry Mousse

We paid:
$98.90 for ALL that, without gratuity of course

1. Ambience: 10/10
2. Service: 7/10
3. Food: 10/10

1. My most favourite place in North America, as far as I can remember. Also up there: Zerza, NYC. I think it’s the Zeez. Lazeez. Get it? Get it??
2. We were too busy watching videos from Victoria’s Secrets Fashion shows to realize that it was dinner time. By the time we got to Intermezzo, we were informed we had a thirty minute wait-time, so we hopped into the bar across the street. Uncle Julio’s Mexican Grill. A beer each and we were ready to walk into Intermezzo. Dimly lit, crammed with tables, mostly made to seat 2, immense warmth, a
whole load of classiness blended with coolness. Nothing about the place seemed wrong. Sanyukta was pleasantly surprised (even more than we were, given that she’s the local) to see how far in the back the restaurant extended. We were seated at the very end of the end. At a table in the corner. Not that we minded one bit. Our waitress was obviously homosexual and there was something about her which I loved. Not to say I swing the other way.
3. The service was slow, Saturday night, too many people, popular place, all that.
4. The Artisan Bread Basket came with a parotta like bread, some super soft and very warm white, a marble bread and a fruit flavoured bread. Each was unique. The olive oil infused with roasted garlic and rosemary was a complete hit.

I even tried making some the other day. Turned out alright.
5. The restaurant boasts of a 12 page menu, for food alone. And a book for beverages: hot and cold. They have the regular coffees, cocktails, mocktails, wines and hard liquor. They also have coffee based alcohol concoctions or well, alcohol based coffees, because they’re a cafe, all said and done.
6. G and the Virgin Pinacolada. Sigh. I’ve given my take on Pinacoladas in another post. And just, sigh. TT ordered a fancy looking cold coffee that came in a tall glass and made us all go “This is SOOOO Barista!!!” Law-Bar aka LCR habits die hard. Lady K’s coffee looked like a nice, regular, hot coffee. Mine was a regular too, except that I ordered a shot of Kahlua to spike it up. It was on the menu. AND, in my defense, I’ve done it before. So I’m cool like that. Ok? Ok.
7. G ordered the goat cheese panini. He loves goat cheese. I can’t help giggling when I wonder why. It was very basic and that’s where the taste lay. Basil, roasted tomatoes and goat cheese. So simple. So good. Served with some house salad.

8. The shrimp quesadilla that TT ordered were fantastic. He let me steal a piece because it was so good. Mexican food when all cheesy and loaded with seafood is another one of those things that is always right. Except if it’s Taco Bell. I don’t think they serve seafood though. Uh. Never mind.

9. Lady K’s Portabello Feta Crepe looked delectable too. Mushroom, spinach, roasted red peppers, feta and cream sauce. Heavenly, no? Please see below.

10. And now, we come to MY meal. The seafood crepe. Crabmeat, sweet. Fresh as ever. I could tell from the taste, I promise. Shrimp. Mushrooms. And a creamy white sauce. Ooooh. I’m getting an orgasm thinking of it even. Rohit and I were quite tempted to order another one. Only, we got too full. We needed to leave room for dessert. Which I shall come to. Shortly.

11. Lady K says they fly their desserts in from Europe everyday. I wonder why they do that. I’m not complaining. The desserts were fantastic. They entire process to get the desserts was a tad messed up though. Or we just ordered dessert around the wrong time. So here’s what we’re supposed to do: Walk up to the front of the restaurant, where the dessert section is. We see two glass displays filled with a variety of cheesecakes, pies, mousses, truffles and everything else yummy. We’re given a guided tour of what’s on display. (This is the part that was messed up because the waiter boy just mumbled to himself, which was not cool AT ALL. Especially when all the stuff looked so enticing!!) And then we order. So, here’s what WE ordered. The Oreo Mousse. And the Chocolate Cappucino Raspberry Mousse. And we made our way back to the table. The dessert came with two dollops of whipped (and how!!!) cream. So fluffy!! Ooooh!!!

There’s something about whipped cream I must say here. On how I like it. It should be fluffy. It need not be sweet. Yes, a hint of sweetness is fine. But it’s sweetness quotient shouldn’t make me want to hate it with the same loathing that I hate icing – taste-wise, of course and love it in terms of fluffyness. It’s confusing for the brain. Especially when my actual dessert, which is clearly the more important part of the dish, still lies untasted. I have absolutely no words for the mousses. Actually, I do. So chocolate-y and so intense and so aphrodisiacal that I did that waitress I liked, right there. Ok. I’m lying about the last bit. But the stuff was most definitely the bestest stuff of its kind anyone can EVER have had. I will not complain about the Europe bit again.


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