Name of Restaurant: Cosi
Location: NYC Baby!

Cuisine: Salads and Soups
Date: Everytime I’m in NY, which happens every now and then
Time: Late breakfasts, early lunches, late lunches, early dinners…

What we ordered:
Salads, of all kinds. I think G and I have tried ’em all. Of course, he dines there MUCH MUCH MUCH more than I do.

We paid:
Usually about $25 for two super full souls.

1. Ambience: 7/10
2. Service: 6/10
3. Food: 8/10

Logo, d-uh!

1. Here’s the complete menu:
2. The Cosi Cobb is a favourite: with the bacon-chicken thing going. If you like fried noodles, the Shanghai Chicken should be good. The Wild Alaskan Salmon Salad is pretty yum too. The two beef salads are just about ok, in my opinion. Ummm… Steak is steak. Steak cannot be salad. But that’s just me. The Bombay Chicken Salad looks like it has bits of chicken marinated in tandoori masala in it, heehee. It’s worth a try. And then, there are the Caesar Salad and the Signature Salad: you can’t go wrong with the former and of course, they’re going to take extra care with the latter, because it’s the speciality of the house.

This one's the Cosi Cobb

3. They have a bunch of soups. The Pollo e Pasta is the only one I’ve had and I’m a fan. Cous cous pasta and pieces of chicken. 🙂
4. All salads are served with the most delicious flatbread. It’s baked fresh, right in front of you, in this huge ass brick oven. It’s a pleasure to watch the bread bake. It’s served in little rectangular pieces, drunchy on the outside, perfect soft on the inside. And drizzled with some olive oil and salt. It’s usually in two kinds: plain and whole grain. The latter, wholesome goodness! I could go there just for the bread, you know.
5. I’d give Cosi a 9 or a 10 on Food, but for the pizzas. They’re just about ok. Everytime we’ve gotten pizza at any of the Cosi’s across NJ and NY, we’ve never quite been too satisfied. I think I like the fluffy, pan crust or deep dish pizzas with a shit load of marinara and cheese and pepperoni FAR better. As opposed to flatbread, a starngely sweet and sour marinara and a weird combination of meats and veggies.

Messy Pizza

6. Ooooh! The melts are delicioso!!! The turkey pesto melt is TO DIE FOR!!!!
7. You know, the only thing that’s probably wrong with Cosi is that the quality of your meal depends on the guy who makes it. If his heart is not in it, you can’t taste it. Needless to say, if he’s happy making that salad or that sandwich, boy oh boy, one crazy awesome, simple meal.
8. Their Raspberry-Lemon Margaritas are pretty damned nice, haan.

One starved child

9. I don’t think Cosi has ever really disappointed me (Now, here, I’m trying to sound like some food critic). It’s a must visit. 🙂 You’ll thank me.


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