Thank God It’s Friday

Name of Restaurant: TGI Fridays
Location: 2002 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC 27518

Cuisine: American (Sigh!)
Date: 01/29/2011
Time: 5 pm

What we ordered:
1. Golden fried shrimp
2. They had a 3 for $16.99 special. Here’s what I got in it, a starter, an entree and dessert. Spinach Florentine Flatbread, Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp and Oreo Madness, in that order.
3. Jack Daniel’s® Chicken Sandwich

We paid:
34, without tip

1. Ambience: 4/10
2. Service: 5/10
3. Food: 5/10

1. G and I would have worked a fancy dinner. January 29th is my birthday. But he sprained his ankle while helping me move some furniture to the new apartment. Any birthday plans that could have beenmade post 5 pm were thus foiled. We hadn’t eaten all day. I was massively hungover from Friday night’s birthday binge. And I tried real hard to not show it, for fear of getting rebuked for drinking too much and also because I needed to get work done and there wasn’t really any point creating a scene. So let’s leave that for never and move on. I bought a mattress!!! A brand new one. In entirety. Not just the mattress. The box spring and all. Never owned one while living the Amreekan layf. So yay! That. Then the furniture moving. Then the leg sprain. So a call for TGI Friday’s. For lack of a better place to go to. Well, we’d actually intended to go to Red, Hot and Blue. Funnily enough, we coudln’t find it. We were at where it says it is on Google maps. And also on its website. But it just wasn’t there, when we were there. Alternate Universe for all I know. An alternate Kildaire Farm Road near an alternate Whole Foods. We drove around pointlessly. And settled for TGIF. On a Saturday. We’re cool like that.
2. The fried shrimp were well, fried shrimp. I LOVE fried shrimp. Because they’re fried shrimp. Batter fried shrimp. Like kanda bhaji. Now YOU tell me. Would you NOT like KANDA BHAJI???? HOw could anyone EVER not like Kanda Bhaji? HOW COULD ANYONE EVER NOT LIKE FRIED SHRIMP????
3. Oh, might I add, the marinara sauce we were served with the shrimp was out of this world. Recipe is currently being looked up. The blog will be updated in that department shortly.
4. The $16.99 special. More for less. That’s what makes me a Gujju.
5. The Spinach Flatbread, too cheesy. Too cheesy for words. Taste-wise, decent. So it was flatbread, sandwiched with some spianch and artichoke dip and with some bruschetta like tomato-based puree poured over it and drowned in cheese.
6. The Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp: Boiled, boneless chicken breast thrown over a toaster to give it some fucking criss-cross grilled look. Bland. The shrimp, tossed around in the marinara sauce that had probably been served earlier, only not batter-fried. Grilled mixed veggies like they’d come off my skewer of Paneer Tikka at Shivsagar, Pune (which I may mention in a little aside is FUCKING AMAZING!!! Ummm… all three, the Paneer Tikka and Shivsagar and Pyoon). The mashed potatoes, too creamy. No, you CANNOT eat mashed potatoes that have been mashed to death and almost turned into potato-cookie-dough, given the amount of butter that might have gone in. Jeeez!!! Please do not forget to throw in some more cheese. What’s with these guys and cheese! Yes, we know why Americans are so large.

7. G’s Chicken Sandwich was technically not his. It was Jack Daniel’s. Please laugh. Maybe this was his first and last drinking stint with me. Aaah, yes. This one came with kanda bhaji, Cajun style. So, there’s a bun. There’s a grilled chicken breast (please read description in #6 above). Some bacon (TG for that!). LOTS OF CHEESE. Lettuce. Tomatoes. Mayo. Jack Daniel’s Mayo. I’m wondering if that’s mayo spiked with scotch. Mr. Nandwate was not available, at the time this post was written, to testify.

8. Oreo Madness and that feeling that it IS my birthday after all. A ginormous Oreo cookie, willed with Vanilla ice cream. Yeah, some swirls of caramel and fudge for plating. But ooooooooh. That ice cream sandwich was so good. It saved TGI Fridays any more trashing that I could’ve/would’ve/should’ve done.


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