From herbivorous to carnivorous….

So. Chickenatarians from India. When they come to USA (or go to Europe or even Australia, I’m thinking) and see a Turkey Sandwich being served. How much thought do they put into switching from Chickenatarian to Birdatarian? Alternately, if they’re Muttonatarian or Lambatarian, why don’t they want to be Porkatarian? Because we see pigs swimming around in the muck back home? But then, don’t we see goats at dumpsters or kachra kundis, because that’s the word I should be using. I won’t talk about Beefatarians. People make religion an excuse to not eat beef. But yes, I’d like for somebody to explain the rest. Just curious.

Also, for the record, I’m non-vegetarian. Any meat that is meant to be eaten shall be eaten.


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