Bahama Breeze

Name of Restaurant: Bahama Breeze
Location: 3309 Wake Forest Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609

Cuisine: Caribbean
Date: 01/09/2011
Time: 3 pm

What we ordered:
1. Combo Veggie Quesadilla + Black Bean Soup
2. Grilled Tiger Shrimp with Lemongrass
3. Chicken with Cilantro Crema
4. Calypso Shrimp Linguine
5. Virgin Pinacolada
6. Red Oak
7. Lemon Ginger Mojito
8. Spicy Mango Mojito

We paid:
About $22 per head, on an average, gratuity inclusive.

1. Ambience: 8/10
2. Service: 8/10
3. Food: 9/10

1. While excessive socialization with K-man and his pretty belle (You should know by now she’s Bella, on this blog) continues, here’s another place I want to write about. In true Bourdain spirit, I have no pictures of the yumminess that the afternoon was. But words are enough, no?
2. I like Bahama Breeze. I was here for my birthday in January 2009. Leaving historical references to history, we must move on. So yes, G MUST be brought here. It’s the kind of place he’ll really love. There’s this wonderful warmth when you enter Bahama Breeze: yellows, oranges and reds. A dash of blue here and a dash of green there. Yes, they HAVE tried to keep it tropical. I’ll say they’ve done a good job. From the wooden seating in one section of the restaurant to the bright and inviting dinner ware in the other.
3. McMallu came along this time. He ordered the veggie quesadilla with some black bean soup. Claims he wasn’t too hungry. And he got himself a beer. The Red Oak. Heh. Pity they don’t serve Allagash. That’s his favorite.
4. K-man got the Chicken with Cilantro Crema, while his belle got the Shrimp Linguine and a Pinacolada. The chicken was served grilled, drizzled over with a cilantro based creamy sauce (d-uh!), with mashed potatoes and some corn which was loaded with cheese. Looked pretty fucking tempting to me. But doesn’t any kind of good looking food? To anybody who cares a good meal? Hmmm? The shrimp on the other hand were served with linguine cooked in a tomato based sauce. The description on the web says the dish has shrimp sautéed with garlic, scallions, tomatoes, Creole spice and a touch of cream. Worth a shot the next time I’m there, only, I wouldn’t quite want to eat pasta at a Caribbean place, but that’s just me. Too many hang ups.
5. My Tiger Shrimp funnily doesn’t show up on the menu on the web. I DO remember it was a new additon to the menu. Oh. Let me get to describing it. At least a dozen prawns. Large ones. Each just a little smaller than my palm. Char grilled. Succulent. Flavoured with lemongrass and garlic. Perfect. Served with a kind of wild rice that I don’t know the name of. Brown, flattish and a tad tangy. On the side, were boring boiled veggies, which I very smartly finished off first. So that I could save the best for last.
6. Virgin Pinacoladas will be Virgin Pinacoladas. And I will be an alcoholic. Both mojitos – mine. Heehee. I’ve never seen such interesting cocktails. Someday, I think I should go there just to get drunk. I will admit I was expecting a more opaque drink with the spicy mango mojito because I forget this is USA and no one must’ve really seen a fresh mango in their lives. They used a mango flavoured rum on my drink. Not to say it was bad. It was fabulous. Especially the hint of heat they threw in. And then again, I was expecting a piece of ginger in the lemon ginger mojito, just like that! I guess for the same reasons that I would expect an orange peel and a stick of cinnamon in my Gluhwein. Alas! All I got was mint leaves and a wedge of lemon. But then again, whatever ginger flavoured liquor they have used played it’s part. Well. Pretty well. I was a mildly inebriated, majorly satiated soul when I left.


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