Lachcha Paratha

1. Flour
2. Salt
3. Water
4. Ghee

1. Knead the dough for the lachcha parathas out exactly the way you would for regular chapatis.
2. For the uninitiated, mix about two cups of flour and a teaspoon of salt with a table spoon of ghee and some warm water until you get a consistent, smooth dough.
3. Cover it and leave it aside for about 20 minutes.
4. Pull apart a ball of dough, about an inch in size. Flatten it out a little and begin to roll it out on a large, flat surface.

5. Stretch it out some more, ensuring it doesn’t give way/tear.

6. Smear liberally with ghee.

7. Now, begin folding it at one end, just like a fan.

8. Stretch the fan out, to make it longer, by gently beating it against the flat surface.

9. Roll this up, just like a Swiss roll. Press the loose end into the centre of the roll to make it compact.

10. Now, roll out each of these rolls, like a regular roti/chapati. You should be able to see the layered texture of the paratha already.

11. Grease a pan with some ghee/oil and cook the parathas (both sides, please) until they are done.

1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
2. G’s verdict: “They’re just as good, possibly better than the lachcha parathas my mum makes.” That is just too “woah” a compliment for me to not mention here. 🙂
3. Yeah, the entire deal is a little tedious, I get it. But they’re lachcha parathas. And they’re awesome delicious. They’re totally worth the effort.
4. Eat them with a simple dal or a pickle. Or go that extra mile and make a fancy curry.

Boyfriends who help (and also enjoy cooking)


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