Bombay Beijing

Name of Restaurant: Bombay Beijing
Location: 1026 Ryan Road, Cary, NC 27511

Cuisine: Indian Chinese (apparently)
Date: 01/30/2011
Time: 9:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. Chicken Sweet Corn Soup
2. Vegetable Spring Rolls
3. Chicken Lollipop
4. Chilli Chicken (gravy)
5. Chicken Hakka Noodles

My Favourite Picture of the Evening

We paid:
$43.92, with gratuity

1. Ambience: 4/10
2. Service: 5/10 minus thirteen thousand five hundred eighty one… GRRRRR!!!!!
3. Food: 5/10

1. G broke his foot (ummm… well… sprained it) while helping me move stuff to the new apartment on my boithday. We didn’t dine out on that night, as a result. We DID have a typical American lunch at TGI Friday’s though, about which I should have or will have blogged. I passed out pre-dinner on Sunday. Why? Let’s not get there, shall we? I woke up around 8 pm only to figure that half of the village I live in shuts at 5 pm Sundays. Bombay Beijing seemed like the only place that was open, because we weren’t looking at ordering Pizza or going to Sammy’s. That explains how we ended up at Bombay Beijing. Ok? Happy?
2. Ooooh! That sweet corn chicken soup was SOOO good. So thela-Chinese, if you know what I mean. I dug this one little thela called Cook Fang close to home. You?
3. They could’ve done better with the veggie spring rolls. Boiled veggies stuffed in an over done, crunchy wrap is NOT a spring roll. Not by Chinese standards. Not by Indian standards. Leave alone, ummm… well, you know.
4. The chicken Lollipop, nope. NOt happening. Tasted more of a desi tangdi kebab recipe served with spring onions (of course, I mean scallops) than anything else.

The soup (1 by 2 😀 😀 ) and the starters

5. The Hakka Noodles were very Hakka Noodle-y, so that was good. But the Chili Chicken was an orange gravy. Complete fail. It’s supposed to be grey-ish, yellow-ish, green-ish, mucous-ish, no? With TONNES of green mirchis and long sliced capsicum (yes, ok, green pepper) and chicken in longish strips. None of that. So no. Not happening.

The main course...

6. The funnest part, though, was when we asked for “soya” sauce with the soup. The waiter promptly came along with a little arrangement: four little stainless steel bowls stuck together at the end of a rod with a ring on the top. You know what I’m talking about, now. And we opened it up. Soy (S-O-Y-A) sauce. Vinegar and green chillies. Schezwan (Sichuan, yes?) Sauce. And onions. G and I debated if they were the seasoned like the yummy cabbage served at Mainland China or whether it was something else. The onions were more like those you used to be served with Tandoori Chicken at Aroma. Pune, anyone?

S-O-Y-A Sauce and everything else

7. The ambience, tacky. Ummm… They tried too hard to get out of the Udipi mould and fit some Oriental bill. Bad job.
8. The menu: the menu card is essentially two columns, Indian Chinese and Indian. I’ll take it the Indian section is run-of-the-mill Punjabi cooked by the Udipi folk. That makes everything taste like the ready-to-cook packets you get at the fucking Indian stores here. Thank you very much. I’ll stick with Indian Chinese. For lack of anything better.
I am not coming here again. For more than one reason. One, it’s not ALL that great. Two (and more important), read below.
9. I knew something was wrong when I looked at my bank statement last week. I knew for sure I hadn’t spent more than 43.00 at Bombay Beijing. I had been charged 43.92, according to the bank statement. I took a look at the paper receipt today. The food was 36.92. And I tipped them and rounded it off to 43.00. The fuckers charged me a whole ninety two cents extra. Not that a dollar really matters now. Not that I cried for a dollar even when I was poor. But this is just not nice. I want to take another 40 points of that “service.” I gave them nearly 20% gratuity anyway! WHAT.THE.FUCK.


One thought on “Bombay Beijing

  1. Shazz

    Aren’t the lolipos supposed to taste like that? And if this is indian chinese, chilli chicken is always a really dark red, no? Never seen a green one.

    And man… i’ve been craving indian chinese for weeks now.

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