Qi Asian Eatery

Name of Restaurant: Qi Asian Eatery
Location: W 14th Street, Between 5th and 6th Ave, NY 10011

Cuisine: Asian (and I mean Asian, not Chinese)
Date: Long long ago
Time: Dinner

What we ordered:
1. Malaysian Coriander Chicken Satay
2. Triple Mushroom Spring Roll
3. Rolling Noodles
4. Mixed Seafood Pad See Euw
5. A couple of cocktails

We paid:
$50 (ish)

1. Ambience: 8/10
2. Service: 6/10
3. Food: 7/10

1. Pretty plating for the appetizers.
2. HUGE portions, communal dining style (lots of noodles/rice with some curry, served in a bowl, and a pair of chopsticks).
3. Reasonably priced for the quantity of food we stuffed in our faces.
4. The spring rolls were classic, in the literal sense of the word: just like the spring rolls from when I used to go to Chung Fa as a little girl. Mushrooms, noodles, shredded veggies. Ooooh. And served with a delicioso plum sauce. I liked how they were served, in a glass bowl, with a sieve like basket to hold the spring rolls and drain out excess oil, if any.

5. The Chicken Satay was decent. The chicken, yummy. The peanut sauce, well, like regular peanut sauce, which I’m not really a fan of.
6. If G and I remember well enough, he ordered a mixed seafood dish that was served with flat noodles. It was spicy and pretty good.
7. My chicken and shrimp rolling noodles were just about ok. I had a hard time finishing everything in my bowl.
8. The ambience was weird, albeit in a nice way. Lots of mirrors along the wall, obviously, to make the place look much bigger than it is. A red and black theme and dim lighting. From the ceiling hung countless ships, you know the kind made from very light wood, the kind that can double up as interesting do-it-yourself kiddie projects.

9. The waitresses wore body hugging tops that were intended to look as if the ladies had full body (or well, full-torso and full-arms) tattoos. I thought that was quite funky.
10. The cocktails were potent, but they took forever to arrive, so that was a bit of a downer.
11. The overall food-experience was fairly good. Only, we left with the typical after taste that an overdoze of Indian Chinese leaves you with, too much sweet and sour sauce, if you know what I’m talking about.
12. When I said at the beginning of the blog that they serve Asian, I meant it. The menu runs into a dozen pages. They have Thai noodles and momos and chai’s and herb teas and DOSAS!!!!


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