Hard Rock Cafe

Name of Restaurant: Hard Rock Cafe NYC
Location: 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

Cuisine: American
Date: December 26, 2010
Time: 5:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. Hard Rock Nachos
2. California Chicken Club Sandwich
3. Grilled Sirloin Steak
4. A couple of Margaritas

We paid:
A bomb. I paid some $105, with tip. Because it’s NYC, baby!

1. Ambience: 5/10
2. Service: 3/10
3. Food: 5/10

1. Yes, I have trashed Hard Rock Cafe, NYC. I can generally trash Hard Rock Cafe. It’s only a name.
2. Food: ordinary. Portions: large. I’ll give it to them for that.
3. Ambience: Too loud. Too in-your-face. Yes, the museum and the guitar wall are nice.

But no, I didn’t like the actual bar/restaurant. Too many people. Tables too close. Too noisy. No. The waiters, too pre-occupied. No privacy. No coziness.
4. So here’s how it happened. It was blizzard day in NYC. We had some last minute shopping to do before G left for India. We ended up at the Toys R Us at Times Square. This was 4:30 pm or so. Hungry as we were, we thought we’d go to Hard Rock. Just like that. So we did. We waited an hour to get seated. That sucked. Over rated, in my opinion.
5. We ordered the nachos with some pulled pork. The salsa sauce was decent. The pulled pork, yum. The nachos, too cheesy, but oh well, that’s how they’re supposed to be, right? A mountain full of nachos. Fuck. I don’t think we had room left for dinner.

6. I ordered some steak. teh regular, medium rare. Served with mashes potatoes and gravy. And boiled veggies. Nothing out of the ordinary. Not bad. Definitely not bad. Good. But regular. You know what I mean, right?

7. G’s Club Sandwich was ordinary too. At least he got his weekly doze of fries in. That boy! Sigh! He’s a fries-fanatic.

8. The margaritas, decent. Potent. The least these guys can do to keep that name as big as it is, is to serve good alcohol.

9. Oh, they had no ‘good’ beers on tap. The inclement weather had caused them to not get a fresh stock of a lot of their seafood, which is why I stuck with the steak. The videos playing on the numerous TVs were decent. I even made a list of tracks I don’t own, that were played. I haven’t downloaded them yet.
10. Will I go there again? Probably not. Will I go to another Hard Rock, some other city? Hell yeah! It’s all about the name, baby! And yes, I’ve also been collecting Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia.

This picture must show up on the blog. It’s his “You judge me because I don’t drink, na…” face. Cutester!


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