Corner Muse

Name of Restaurant: Corner Muse Snack and Snowball
Location: 1381 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

Cuisine: Coffees and (cup)cakes
Date: 11/27/2010
Time: 1:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. A mocha
2. A hot chocolate
3. A cappucino

We paid:
A little over $10

1. Ambience: 10/10
2. Service: 10/10
3. Coffee: 10/10

1. Corner Muse, yes it was. Most definitely. Snacks, we didn’t eat any. What after the heavy brunch at Surrey’s. Snowball, naaah, too cold for baraf-golas.
2. The hostess, this plump, pretty curly haired lady, was sitting at one of the tables helping a little boy, who was most likely her son, with some puzzles. The cafe looked inviting, bright painted walls and pretty curtains and a general laid back feel.

... and an adorable sign to the restrooms!

3. I think I’m writing about this place because it is a must-visit to see how it’s been set up. That and the coffee/hot chocolate the lady makes. No kidding, but you can feel the love and the warmth in what she makes. I’ve never felt happier after a mocha. Trust me.
4. She had a variety of cupcakes and muffins for sale too. I thought she’d baked them herself and almost got into a conversation with her over interesting recipes, only to realize that she doesn’t bake them herself. That was a bit of a downer. But what the hell! The coffee was fabulous!


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