Village Draft House

Name of Restaurant: Village Draft House
Location: 428 Daniels Street, Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC 27605

Cuisine: American (and it’s good food. But that’s not the USP. The USP is their beer selection. It’s to die for!)
Date: 10/23/2010
Time: 2:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. Tenderloin medallions
2. Country Fried Chicken

1. Red Oak Amber
2. Allagash White
3. Highland Kashmir IPA
4. Lone Rider Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen

The Amber and the Allagash White

We paid:
$21 and $24, Menon and I, respectively.

1. Ambience: 10/10
2. Service: 7.5/10
3. Food: 8/10 (because of an okay Chicken dish)
4. Beers: 9/10

1. The tenderloin medallions were little chunks of herb-and-garlic marinated beef cooked medium rare (yay!!!) and served with some cajun seasoning, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans.
2. The country Fried Chicken was boring. Three chunks of plain old fried chicken, served with a pepper sauce (hardly!), cheesy mashed potatoes and green beans.
3. The fish and chips are really good, Menon claims. But he ordered the chicken. He deprived himself of a great meal, if you ask me.
4. Great conversation and bonding with Menon, after months!!!
5. A lot of pre-lunch money spent on shopping at Cameron Village. Cameron Village is as awesome as awesome can get! Really! Shops selling pretty things, fancy things, expensive things, cheap things. Eye-pleasing crowd. A great walk. And a general atmosphere conducive to good times.
6. The weather was perfect. Just the right amount of sun. Just the right amount of heat. We sat outside. Under one of those huge umbrellas. Everybody and thir girlfriend had showed up with dogs. And boy, I had a good time canine-watching/socializing while Menon wasn’t around for a few moments.
7. I ordered the Oatmeal Porter and the India Pale Ale. Suresh, the Red Oak Amber and the Hefeweizen. My Porter was better than Menon’s beer, not to say his wasn’t good. That was pretty great too. My second, however, the IPA, was hopeless. Very regular. The Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen was pretty decent and I bought myself a bottle earlier (to sample) this week when I made my own six pack at Food Lion.


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