Raleigh Times

Name of Restaurant: Raleigh Times
Location: 14 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Cuisine: American(?)
Date: 10/15/2010
Time: 10:00 pm

What we ordered:
1. Artichoke dip (This yum, warm, creamy dip served with grilled pita)
2. Shrimp burger (Rohit’s order)
3. Cuban Sandwich (Suresh’s order)
4. Blackened Chicken Romaine Salad (my order)
5. Fries
1. Wildberry Meade
2. New Holland Poet Oatmeal Stout
3. Allagash White (a domestic brew)

*I* paid:
$ 80 (tip inclusive… meal for 3, social drinking for 2… and come to think of it, that’s like $25 per head, which is pretty reasonable)

1. Ambience: 7/10
2. Service: 6/10
3. Food: 7/10

1. I hate this thing about bars in America: loud music, constant chatter… Why can’t they have more lounge like environs? I would’ve given more points for the general decor and feel of the place. But given that it was the end of a long work week and that I was really tired, the noisiness was a complete downer.
2. With so many people at the bar and hovering around the tables close to it, there was pretty much zero space: air to breathe and comfort for conversation.
3. There were too many people, Friday night, I’m guessing. The waitress was too busy.
4. The food was very average. I think G’s Shrimp Burger was a big fat farce. Who gives little friend shrimp strewn around for a burger?

5. Menon’s sandwich looked ordinary.

6. My salad came with the lettuce whole, not broken off at the base. That was weird. The chicken was chewy. The croutons and the dressing (avocado and jalapeno) were really good, though.

7. The bar, itself, is cozy. This dilapidated feel, if I may call it that. It was built in one of the oldest standing buildings in the city and not too many structural changes have been made to it.
8. The menu is an eye-catcher. They’ve made it look like a newspaper. I like the way it’s been done. Oldish, red paper, like The Economic Times. Times New Roman. And a great beer collection. I’m quite a sucker for stouts after a year of excessive hanging out with somebody who likes brewing his own beer. So I quite enjoyed the Oatmeal Stout. Menon’s beer was something he usually orders when he’s there, I figured. The mead was a glass of ordinary red wine with three tablespoons of sugar. G’s a non-drinker. He quite enjoyed his iced water.
9. Conversation was good.
10. Intimacy was non-existent, or so I’d like to believe.
11. Outside, it was cold.
12. www.raleightimesbar.com


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