The Buttery

Name of Restaurant/Bakery: The Buttery
Location: 702 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Cuisine: Baked goodies
Date: 08/27/2010 and then, 08/29/2010
Time: 4 pm

What we ordered:
The first time I went there, I was at the store next door to get a spare key made for the apartment.
I brought home a bagful of cookies and tarts. Among these, were:
1. Four Snowballs (Really tasty butter biscuits with a hint of vanilla, just the perfect sweetness and loads of pecans)
2. Two Cinnamon rolls
3. One Apricot puff pastry (of sorts)
4. One Strawberry and Rhubarb Galette.

We paid:
$ 11.50 for an assortment of cookies/tarts

The snowball cookies and the strawberry and rhubarb galette:

The apricot puff pastry and the cinnamon rolls:

Cookies/Tarts: 10/10

1. The snowballs are perfect.
2. The strawberry and rhubarb galette had a hint of sourness to it, which worked wonders for the recipe.
3. The cinnamon rolls were filled with some gooey i-dunno-what, but they were fabulous.
4. The apricot puff pastry was decent.
5. They also had an assortment of breads, which looked really good. Add to that, the regular chocolate cakes and cookies, which, obviously, I kept away from.

They have another section called the Corner Cafe.
Cuisine: Sandiwches, burgers etc.
Date: 08/29/2010
Time: 4 pm

What we ordered:
This time around, I was with a bunch of girl friends from San Jose.
1. Chicken Club Sandwich (Seeded Whole Wheat Bread) is what I ordered.
2. Chicken Club Sandwich (Whole Wheat Hoagie) was what Puja ate.
3. Pesto Pasta
4. Veggie Sandwich (3 and 4 were ordered by Archana)
5. Another chicken sandwich which was shared by Neha and Suchi.
6. Broccoli and lentil soup, again, Puja.
7. Coffee
8. An assortment of cookies, which the girls took back to San Jose in a box.

We paid:
No clue. Really. 🙂
The sandwiches were about $7 on an average and very very filling, if you must know.

1. Ambience: 7/10
2. Service: 5/10
3. Food: 8/10

1. The portions were large, no sides.
2. The food was basic, healthy and fresh. Therefore, good.
3. The girls ordered some more snowball cookies and these thumbprint cookies, which were like jim-jams.
4. The girls quite liked the food and that left me a happy host.
5. Oh, the pesto pasta is divine. I will try looking up a recipe for it soon.


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