Name of Restaurant: Zerza Mediterrano
Location: 308 East 6th Street, New York, NY 10003

Cuisine: Authentic Moroccan
Date: 07/03/2010
Time: 9:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. Hummus
2. Patatas Bravas
3. Chicken Bastilla
4. Lamb Couscous
5. Vegetable Couscous
6. Moroccan wine
7. Moroccan beer
8. Flourless Chocolate Cake with Icecream

We paid:
$ 118 (meal for three, taxes and tips inclusive)

1. Ambience: 8/10 (Ethnic)
2. Service: 10/10 (The boys liked the waitresses.)
3. Food: 9/10

1. This place is really close to Cucina de Pesce, the Italian place that G and I had gone to on my first visit to NYC, as his his girlfriend.
2. Zerza, it’s a small place. Dimly lit, predominantly red. It is lined with large mirrors and pretty paintings that, I’m guessing, are meant to reflect the Moroccan culture. The chairs are these heavy metallic pieces with engraved back rests. My 20 steps to the table we were sitting at were pretty much spent observing all I saw around me.
3. The menu is simple. You can check it out on the web, if you like.
4. The hummus was made to perfection. The fried potatoes were served with a really yum sauce.
The crispy potatoes with herbed spicy harissa aioli:

Z and the hummus:

5. G ordered the Chicken Bastilla. Here’s the description I picked up from their website:
Bastilla is an elaborate Moroccan dish that combines sweet and savory flavors. The chicken is slow-cooked in broth with onions, herbs and spices, then shredded and chilled overnight. The chicken mix, eggs and toasted almonds get enclosed in crispy layers of (warka) phylo dough before topping with powder sugar and cinnamon.

Except for the sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top, I think the bastilla was fabulous. If, someday, we go to Zerza again, that’s what I’m ordering. πŸ™‚
6. The boys seemed mighty impressed with both the waitresses who was serving us. The one who explained what the bastilla was to G was excessively cute. The other one, had this out-of-the-bed look which Z completely dug.
7. I ordered the lamb couscous. Z, being vegetarian, didn’t have a choice. The vegetable couscous was all he could order.
8. The lamb was tender. The couscous brought back memories of what we’d eaten in Egypt. I loved what I ate.
9. The beer tasted a lot like Sierra Nevada. Strong. That’s how I like my beers anyway. But I had only a sip.
10. I’d ordered the wine. Or well, Z ordered the wine for me because I wasn’t too sure if they served it by the glass. They had prices only for the bottle, on the menu. Red wine. Just about ok. Like any other red wine. Or maybe I’m not just the brightest connoisseur of wine. Actually, not a connoisseur at all! πŸ™‚
11. The guys liked the dessert as well. I’ve been off chocolate, so I didn’t have any.

It was something like a cross between cake and chocolate mousse, it was flourless, so I guess it WAS a cake.
12. It was a wonderful wonderful dinner. Great food, much bonding. We were ready to bar hop. (It’s a different story that we didn’t. We just stuck around at Cafe Whaaaa until 3 am. And like I said, it’s a different story. Another blog post.)


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