Trattoria Dopo Teatro

So, we’ve been dating for a year and two days now.
And on Friday evening, G took me out to this fabulous Italian dinner.

Name of Restaurant: Trattoria Dopo Teatro
Location: 125 W, 44th Street, NY 10036

Cuisine: Italian
Date: 07/02/2010
Time: 10:00 pm

What we ordered:
1. Asparagus Soup (one for him, one for myself)
2. Crocchette alla Polpa di Granchio (read: Crispy crab cake over green salad and mustard sauce)
3. Gnocchi Verdi di Spinaci al Pomodoro (read: Spinach and ricotta dumplings in a light spicy tomato sauce) (Rohit’s pasta)
4. Mezzelune all’Aragosta (read: Half moon shaped ravioli stuffed with lobster in a creamy pink sauce) (my pasta)
5. Crostata di Mele 10.50 (read: Tiered apple tart served with vanilla Ice Cream)

We paid:
$ 110 (meal for two, taxes and tips inclusive)

1. Ambience: 8/10
2. Service: 8/10
3. Food: 9/10

1. It’s a two minute walk from Times Square.
2. I wasn’t too sure if I was dressed well enough to go to a ‘fancy’ Italian restaurant. G says I overdo the whole etiquette-and-being-properly-dressed-when-going-out-to-dinner routine. But that’s just how I am I guess.
3. I looked up the place online because I was craving good ravioli. When G got home from work, he checked the address for the trains we need to take and he figured it’s the place they’d taken the interns from his work place for the etiquette lunch. I could almost be sure nothing was going to go wrong over dinner. 🙂
4. We’d made a reservation because we were dining late and it was a Friday night. The place was seemingly empty when we got there though.
5. While I read the menu, I couldn’t help relating things I read with the stuff Anthony Bourdain has written in Kitchen Confidential. If they have stuff like Salmon Blah Blah on the specials for the day, they’re probably trying to get rid of the fish. There’s a good chance it will be stale. 🙂 They DID have a Salmon dish for daily specials.
6. The asparagus soup was smooth, plain. Served with freshly crushed pepper and parmesan.
7. The crab cake was fucking amazing. Tender and sweet on the inside. Crisp on the outside.

8. The lobster stuffed ravioli I ordered was the best thing anyone could EVER have. ANYWHERE. Really. Perfect creaminess. Perfect flavour. Freshest lobster meat of my life. Orgasmic.

9. Did you know that pasta with seafood should not be served with parmesan cheese? I didn’t. Poorna popat jhala when I asked for cheese with my pasta. 😛
10. G ordered gnocchi. I’m not really a gnocchi person. I mean, I like it. But if there’s other kinds of pasta, I’d rather order those. His pasta wasn’t really that great. Spinach gnocchi. With a very basic tomato based sauce. He loved it though. So that was good. On the other hand, he didn’t like my pasta that much. Hehe.

11. The waiters kept peeking into our little corner to check on us, to ask if all was good. I thought that was a little irritating. Yeah, it’s good to be prompt, but not to the level that you almost get on the client’s nerves, no?
12. The waiter was surprised when we ordered just the soup and the crab cake at first. Almost pissed, as if we weren’t going to order anything else. But when I asked him to help me pick between the mushroom-ricotta ravioli and the lobster ravioli, you should’ve seen his face. He was thrilled when he said I should eat the lobster ravioli. Another Bourdain observation. Body language of the waiter.
13. G kept telling me this and that about stuff they’d taught him at the etiquette lunch. I was mighty happy I knew most of the stuff.
14. The apple pie was delicious. I love the apple-cinnamon combination and my only complaint would probably be that I didn’t taste the cinnamon all the much. But the apple pie tasted awesome, nevertheless.
15. The dinner was great. It ended on a slightly off note because of a phone call I got. But yeah, the food, awesome awesome awesome awesome expensive awesome awesome awesome. 🙂


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