Halal at 53rd and 6th

Name of Restaurant: {Now now… what’s in a name?!}
Location: 53rd Street and 6th Avenue (RIGHT opposite the Hilton), NYC
How to get there: You can take the subway to 47-50th Street (Rockefeller Center) and walk. How to get to Rockefeller Center depends on where you live. If you’re in NYC or Jersey City, you can use google maps. They’re very helpful and very very accurate.

Cuisine: Mediterranean (?)
Menu: Chicken over rice, lamb over rice, gyros
Date: 06/04/2010
Time: 8:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. Two plates of lamb over rice

We paid:
$ 6 each, cash only.

1. Ambience: What’s that? 😛 On a day with nice weather, 10/10. On a cold winter day, 1/10. I don’t think these guys give a shit about ambience anyway. Neither do the people who come here to eat. 🙂
2. Service: 10/10 (Immediate. It’s a cart, for god’s sake. And there’s atleast two dozen people waiting in line, at any given point.)
3. Food: 10/10

1. I’ve never had the chicken over rice or the gyros. Just the lamb over rice. Every time. Always.
2. It’s served in one of those disposable bowl like thingies made of foil.
3. There’s some lightly flavored orange pilaf, a whole lot of juicy meat (cooked and minced to perfection), crispy-crisp, fresh ice berg lettuce and three or four little rectangular pieces of pita.
4. At the side of the cart, there’s bottles of mayo, hot sauce (really, really hot sauce!) and barbecue sauce.
5. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT come here on a day when you’re not too hungry. You won’t enjoy enough. On a day you’re hungry enough, you’ll be stuffed to death. On a day you’re starved, you’ll probably just about manage to finish what’s on your plate. (Of course, if you’re the kind that likes wasting food, you should probably know what I think of you, by now.)
6. Oh, there’s one set of dudes who run the cart during the day. There’s another set of dudes who set up shop at 7:30 pm and go on until 3 or 4 in the morning. These are the guys. The day shift guys aren’t bad, but the night shift guys in the yellow uniforms are the best thing that ever happened to NYC’s night life. Hehe. Of sorts.
7. Also, no restriction on the number of times you want to help yourself with the sauces.

Instructions when you get there:
1. Ask for lamb over rice.
2. Pay in cash.
3. Get your ‘plate’ of food.
4. Step aside with it, to the spot where the sauces are.
5. Take only very little hot sauce if it’s your first time here.
6. Help yourself liberally with the mayonnaise.
7. Don’t even look at the barbecue sauce.
8. Go to the closest cart around you that sells drinks. Buy yourself a bottle of water or a can of soda or some Snapple or whatever it is that you like.
9. Find yourself a place to sit.
10. Eat.

This is what a half eaten meal looks like. I’m sorry. I had the brains to take a picture only when I was half way through. :S

That’s the long queue of people waiting for their plate(s) of lamb over rice.

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