G got off work around 5:30 last evening and asked me to see him at Washington Square Park. I was doing the Thursday upvaas thingy that mom’s gotten me started on. All I’d had yet, was a small bowl of watermelon, from what I’d cut for the boys when they got back from work. I will admit, I was pretty fucking starved.

We mushed up a bit, spoke about this and that, he told me what happened at work and said I looked pretty. And my responses didn’t quite seem alive enough. He suggested an early dinner. And I reminded him it had to be vegetarian. Thursday. He suggested Maoz. He says he knew I’d love it.

I did. Infact, more than loved it.

Name of Restaurant: Maoz
Location: 59 East 8th Street, New York, NY

Cuisine: Mediterranean (?). Just falafels, really.
Date: 06/03/2010
Time: 7:00 pm

What we ordered:
1. The meal deal. (A HUGE pita bread, your choice of white bread or wheat. We obviously picked wheat. 5 crisp, fried-to-perfection falafel balls. An unlimited salad bar. Belgian Fries. A drink.)
2. One Maoz (Pita, with falafel and the unlimited salad bar.)

We paid:
$ 14.95 (taxes inclusive) (meal for two, and how!!!)

1. Ambience: 7/10 (Just wooden three wooden picnic tables. Not really a fancy place. I’m a sucker for places such as these though. I’d give it a 9/10, really. But that just wouldn’t be fair.)
2. Service: 8/10 (Prompt. Very prompt. It’s not like they have too much to do anyway! 🙂 )
3. Food: 12/10 (Read the comments section.)

1. The pickled egg plant, yum!!!
2. The barley salad, novel. Pretty good, even.
3. The first time I’ve seen green olives and kalamata olives in the same container. I LOVE olives. And with an unlimited salad bar, what more could I ask for?
4. The tomato and onion sauce. Woah!!!!!
5. The other stuff the salad bar had: pickled cucumber, carrot salad, beet salad, chickpeas, the regular koshimbir kinda salad (onions, tomato, cilantro, cucumber), broccoli and cauliflower (which I didn’t try, they looked grilled) and a couple of more things which I can’t seem to remember now.
6. The salad bar also had four sauces: salsa, cilantro, hot sauce (which was more like tomatoes and green chillies and pretty tasty) and the tomato and onion sauce (which was absolutely fabulous: very Indian-pickle-like, with chunks of tomato and onion, a yummy tangy taste. Incredible stuff!! Really!!!)
7. Just outside of the salad bar, were some more sauces: tahini, mayo, garlic sauce (G had told me several times before we got there that the garlic sauce was crazy awesome. Indeed it was.), yoghurt sauce (Question: What is yoghurt sauce? Answer: It’s just apna desi dahi, beaten to the consistency and sweetness you’ve tasted in dahi wada ), ketchup (why anyone would want ketchup when there’s other really great options beats me, but oh well!)
8. Fries. Crisp. Perfect.
9. Unlimited salad bar! Man! I stuffed my pita with salad thrice. It wasn’t really the smartest thing to do because I hadn’t eaten all day. I was nearly sick on the subway ride home.
10. Oh, also. You can order just a plain salad, instead of a pita with/without falafel. The salad however, allows only a single serving at the salad bar. The pita options allow unlimited helpings at the salad bar. It’s not really difficult making a choice then, is it?
11. Just one last thing. What I don’t get is that if Maoz started in Amsterdam, and Amsterdam is in Holland, why do these guys sell Belgian fries?

I regret not having taken my camera last evening. I will today, so that I can take pictures of Washington Square Park in spring. But here’s a picture of the food at Maoz, from the web.


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