The Remedy Diner

Name of Restaurant: The Remedy Diner
Location: Opposite Wachovia IMAX at Marbles Kids Museum, Downtown Raleigh
(for more details, visit their website:

Cuisine: American Dining
Date: 05/16/2010
Time: 9:45 pm

What we ordered:
1. Hummus Plate
2. Spicy Turkey Sandwich
3. Turkey Pesto Sandwich
4. A wedge of Key Lime Pie

We paid:
$ 30 (taxes and tip inclusive) (meal for two)

1. Ambience: 9/10 (Cozy, very cozy… with good country music in the background. It was raining outside… pouring… and this little restaurant that had not more than a dozen tables was the best thing that happened to us that night!)
2. Service: 7/10 (Young, pretty waitress and cool dude waiter run the shit at that place and they do a fine job.)
3. Food: 8/10 (The food tasted good. I loved the avocado and the bacon in my sandwich, but then, that’s why I’d ordered it! The hummus, I have quite a bit to say about it… 🙂 Read on… )

1. We were trying to decide between the hummus/pita and the salsa/tortilla chips. Turns out the sandwiches are served with home-made pico de gallo (salsa sauce) and tortilla chips anyway, so we settled for the hummus. The hummus was a deep orange paste. It was loaded with garlic and ginger, so loaded with garlic that I could feel it in my mouth even 24 hours later, no kidding! It tasted pretty awesome though, nothing like regular hummus. Warm pita. Cucumbers. Carrots. Me likey. Only, they should consider calling it something else.
2. The home-made salsa was desi koshimbir.
3. They struck lucky because I’m Indian. I’m not entirely sure an ordinary American would’ve appreciated the hummus or the salsa. I loved them because they were different and very Indian in taste, nothing like authentic hummus or salsa though. 🙂
4. The place made a cozy diner on a rainy night. Remedy Diner, for sure. Uplifter of moods, filler of stomachs, pleaser of hearts.
5. The names of the cocktails and on the menu were very interesting: Cocktails like Anxiety Antidote, Attitude Adjustment, Hangover Over, Liquid Lobotomy and Snake Oil sure seemed enticing enough. Too bad I wasn’t carrying my ID on me and was too chicken to order otherwise. The menu had sections for Mainstream Therapies (the non-vegetarian sandwiches) and Alternative Therapies (vegan food), which I thought was an interesting way of keeping with the name of the Restaurant.

Here’s a low resolution, utterly ‘crappy’ image of the hummus and me.


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