Sammy’s Tap and Grill

So, graduation walk happened May 14th, 2010. And the next few days are going to be pretty much party-time. Lots of places to be eating at. Lots of posts. Anyway, I think it’s time I updated the FFT section with regards to the places I eat out at.

Name of Restaurant: Sammy’s Tap and Grill
Location: Avent Ferry Road, Raleigh

Cuisine: American (??). Honestly, I’d just say they serve a shitloada beer and some really awesome Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches.
Date: 05/16/2010
Time: 12:01 am

What we ordered:
1. Many many many many pitchers of beer, mostly Magic Hat No. 9 and Newcastle.
2. The working class heroes bought themselves Jack and coke.
3. A veggie pizza
4. A buffalo chicken sandwich, with Sammy’s sauce and ranch.
5. Buffalo chicken wings, lots and lots of those.

We paid:
I didn’t pay. I don’t know who did. But all those who paid must’ve shelled out about $15 to $20 per head.

1. Ambience: 7/10 (If you’re sitting outside, on a summer night.)(Inside, there’s bar stools, live music on some nights, loud chatter, a few games, blah blah… Also, the ambience gets better the more drunk you get, for obvious reasons.)
2. Service: 5/10 (The waitresses are often over friendly or full of themselves. They’re of the opinion that desi junta don’t leave them tips. They may be right, but we’re not THOSE kind of desis. Maybe they should stop judging. And then again, the more drunk you are, the hotter/more audacious they are, depending on your mood.)
3. Food: 9/10 (Buffalo Chicken Sandwich!!!! (with the extra hot sauce or the Sammy’s Sauce) Period.)

1. The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich has become my favorite (and hence, only) food at Sammy’s. The fries they serve with the Sandwich are very Mc Donald’s like, which is why I love them. And yes, just that one sandwich and the fries leaves you very very full. I think you can get a side of 6 chicken bites/wings for $1.50 more.
2. The veggie pizza was a pleasant surprise. I think it was the munchies though. 🙂
3. The house salad, which I’ve ordered on some more diet-conscious nights is great too! I usually ask for vinaigrette.
4. Beers, #win.
5. The company I usually go with, #win.
6. Every time I’ve been there and been there drinking, I’ve always come home drunk or wasted. 🙂

This picture, happens to be from several months ago, on a non-drinking date to Sammy’s. I was down with viral diarrhea (or so I’d like to believe) . That explains the apparent skinniness, if you chose to notice. If you failed to notice, look hard! You SHOULD notice. How often do I lose weight anyway?!


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