(Really Simple!!) Pasta

1. Pasta (of your choice), boiled in hot water and the water drained out
2. Vegetables (of your choice): I used corn, carrots, capsicum and zuccini
3. Garlic, roughly chopped or crushed
4. Olive Oil
5. Cheese
6. Milk
7. Cream (I used the malai off the milk!)
8. Freshly crushed peppercorn (I used peppercorn and broke them down with the end of a knife)
9. Basil
10. Chilli Flakes/Tabasco, optional

Cooking Time:
10-15 minutes for pasta to boil
10 minutes to cook the meal.

Heat the oil in a vessel. Add the garlic to it and saute until brown. Add the veggies to it. Let them cook for a while, not too long though! Else, they’ll get all soft. Add the pasta next. Mix carefully. You really wouldn’t like your pasta all mushy and broken up.

When you boil your pasta, you should make sure its not over-cooked or undercooked. Undercooked is, obviously, a disaster. Over-cooked pasta gets all sticky and weird once you cook it with other ingredients and you’d end up having something that’s more like a terrible stew, rather than good pasta.

Mix the milk, the cheese and the cream in a little container in equal portions (and I didn’t use too much… probably a table spoon of each) and add to the pasta. Add a little more milk to mix the ingredients thoroughly enough, yet making sure the pasta doesn’t get too saucy. Add salt to tast and the crushed peppercorn and mix a while until cooked.

Add some basil (for that added flavour!) and heat for a couple of minutes just before serving.

You could add some chilli flakes at the end if you want to spice up your pasta!

I thought I’d put up a picture… But I decided to write the post only after dinner, by when there was just enough pasta to feed half my father. 😛
So I guess you’ll have to wait until the next time I decide to cook. 🙂


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