Name of Restaurant: Manmeet Chat Joint
Location: F. C.Road

Cuisine: Chat, North Indian cuisine (read: amazing Chhole Bhatura and Parathas)

Date: 07/13/2009
Time: 8:30 pm

What we ordered:
1. Basket Chat… two
2. SPDP… one
3. Chhole Bhatura… two
4. Paani Puri… one
5. Kesar Kulfi Falooda… three

We paid:
I don’t know. I wasn’t sitting close enough to Dad to check.

1. Ambience: 5/10
2. Service: 7.5/10
3. Food: 10/10 (for the chhole and the kulfi), 5/10 (for the chat, because I’m not the biggest fan of sweet chutney and thickened dahi)… averages out to a 7.5, but I’ll give them an 8.5/10, in all.

A quick dinner. Light on pitaji’s pocket. Especially after the whooping birthday bill. 🙂


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