Royal Orchid Central

Name of Restaurant: Tiger Trails
Location: Royal Orchid Central, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Cuisine: Indian

Date: 06/21/2009
Time: 8:15 pm.

What we ordered:
**The buffet:
1. Fish fingers, chinese style
2. Chicken Tikka
3. Gobi Pakoda
4. Bhindi Fry

* A choice of soups:
1. Vegetable and noodle soup with lemon grass
2. Tomato and chicken

* Salads:
1. A salad with Bean sprouts
2. Lettuce
3. Chicken salad
4. Egg salad
5. A fruity salad (I saw only oranges!)
6. Baby tomatoes in a tomato based salad

* Main Course:
1. Chicken curry in methi
2. Paneer Gravy
3. Mixed Vegetable Sabzi
4. Another mixed vegetable something, but in gravy
5. Roti/Butter roti/Naan/Butter Naan
6. Steamed Rice
7. Dal Makhani
8. Noodles, Chinese style
9. Chicken gravy, Chinese Style
10. Pasta in Tomato Sauce
11. Chicken in Plum Sauce
12. Mutton Biryani
13. Vegetable Biryani
14. Raita

* Desert
1. Banana and caramel pudding
2. Kesar firni
3. Chocolate mousse cake
4. Cheesecake (fruit flavoured)
5. Fresh fruits (assorted)
6. Ice cream (chocolate/strawberry/mango/vanilla)

** Alcohol (not inclusive in buffet prices):
1. Emerald City Mojito (vodka and cointreau, with kiwi and cucumber extracts.)
2. Silk Stockings (Irish creme, creme de menthe, tequila and something else. I thought it’d be a creamy alcoholic drink. Turns out, it was a translucent pink and tasted like Glycodin)
3. Peach Rizzo (Transparent (wtf!) and I don’t know what alcohol it contained.)
4. 60 ml of a Teacher’s (I think!) 12 year old with soda and water
5. 60 ml of Smirnoff with soda and water

We paid:
Rs 3125/- (alcohol for three, food for two)
It wwas Father’s Day and they were giving out free meals for fathers.

1. Ambience: 9/10
2. Service: 3/10
3. Food: 5/10

We were welcomed into the restaurant by reasonably hot women in skirts that were shorter than knee-length.
We were seated at a table of our choice and the waiters promptly served us water and lay the table napkins out on our laps.

We ordered out the cocktails. We were done with a round of all four starters and our cocktails hadn’t arrived yet.
We were on our third plate of chicken, when the cocktails DID get there.
Nothing too great about the cocktails.
The servcie was already beginning to piss me off.
The tikkas weren’t as if they’d come straight off the grill. Neither were the pakoras straight out of the fryer.

We went and got ourselves some salad. It was decent.
The drinks were done.
Pappa and I, not having the patience to wait for another round of cocktails ordered the regular stuff: whisky and vodka, respectively.

We went ahead and got ourselves some curry. Like I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest fan of mixed cuisines, so I stuck to Indian food. We ordered for rotis and it was a good fifteen minutes before they actually arrived at our table. That pissed us off all the more. It’s not even like the food was awesome.

But yes, the mutton biryani was out of this world. Soft, tender, juicy pieces of lamb. Saffron rice. It totally made up for the bad food, otherwise.

Dessert was decent. I’m a die-hard firni fan and most firni is good firni. So the biryani and the firni saved the day fro Tiger Trail.

However, I don’t think I’ll ever go there again.

Sorry folks. No pictures for this post either. I did begin with taking pictures initially, but was quite disheartened at the end of it.


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