Name of Restaurant: Marz-o-rin
Location: M. G. Road

Cuisine: Fast food, Parsi style

Date: 06/20/2009
Time: 7 pm-ish

What we ordered:
1. 3 chicken rolls
2. 2 vegetable sandwiches

We paid:
Rs 140/-

1. Ambience: what’s that? 🙂
2. Service: 10/10
3. Food: 10/10

Marz-o-rin. We’d stop by on shopping evenings after school to eat here. It’s the same. It hasn’t changed at all. Except for the fact that they’ve gotten more expensive over the years (which is perfectly acceptable) and they’ve made seating arrangements (which I choose not to take advantage of, even now!).

Pappa wanted to eat something light for dinner and we promised we’d get home stuff from Marz-o-rin for him. That explains one plate of vegetable sandwiches and two chicken rolls. The rest: one chicken roll and one plate of vegetable sandwiches were for Ma and me.

The food is STILL the same. Except that there’s no cockroaches running over sandwiches (and you still LOVE eating them!). yeah, they’re served to you covered in plastic, which is good. But it’s not same old! Either way, Marz-o-rin is Marz-o-rin. Had we planned on a dinner there, we’d have stopped by at Pasteur’s for a softy. They were the first guys to sell Softy ice creams, as far back as fifteen years ago. And we’d die to eat a Softy at Pasteur’s. Apparently, Marz-o-rin also has a counter on the first floor now and serves a whole variety of thick shakes and slushes and things of that sort. But then, I’ve known the place for the vegetable sandwiches (with just one slice of a tomato and the delectable sweet-spicy green chutney), the chicken sandwiches (minced chicken, boiled, with salt and pepper and a tad mayo) and the chicken roll (the yummy, sweet, yellow mayo, shredded chicken and pepper).

Maybe someday, when I’m on M.G. Road and not shopping, I’ll stop by at Marz-o-rin and check the other stuff out. Until then, eat away!


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