Chung Fa

Name of Restaurant: Chung Fa
Location: East Street

Cuisine: Chinese

Date: 06/20/2009
Time: 9 pm-ish

What we ordered:
1. Spicy Sea Food Soup
2. Golden Fried Prawns
3. Vegetable Spring Rolls
4. Combination Meal: Schezwan

We paid:
Rs 590/- (for two), inclusive of taxes

1. Ambience: 7/10
2. Service: 5/10
3. Food: 9/10

This post is going to have a lot of comments, for one. Why? Because it’s the first of my ‘serious’ Food For Thought posts. I’m determined to keep it going good. I eat out a lot and I think it would be great to have a ready reckoner for those unfortunate souls that lack fine eating tastes or the ability to order the right kind of food when they’re out for dinner. It DOES bother me when I’m at an Italian restaurant with a bunch of friends and what we order is something like this:
Russian Salad
Blah Blah Pasta (Penne)
Fancy Schmancy Pizza (thin crust)
Red Wine (Sula)
No, sweethearts. We’re at an Italian restaurant. We could be having so much more fun! Have you ever had some nice Ravioli? (Or do you even know what it is? And how would you? If you choose to order Russian Salad, sillies!) You could have had some warm farmer’s bread with some yummy creamy, cheesy sauce. A fresh salad, with greens. Red Wine, yes. Maybe, one more kind of pasta, it could be penne if that’s what you really want. And trust me, that should make a great meal. Honestly, a thin crust pizza instead of the pasta should be a good deal too.
Anyway, all that apart, this Label is meant to instill some gyaan in people who don’t know how to eat and what to eat. I come across as such a bitch, don’t I?

So, getting back to Chung Fa. It’s one of those places mum and I love to go to. Pappa’s not exactly fond of it. So Ma and me, everytime we go shopping around MG Road and Camp, make it a point to dine at Chung Fa. It’s been the same, for forever. Ever since I was in school. The bearded manager who never seems to grow older. The quality of the food. It’s one of those places that caters to middle class junta like us. Small tables. Not too cramped up. Not too spread out. Bamboo furninshing and dragons, here and there, to give the Chinese feel. The food has always been good. the service was a little slack this time. The fun part, however, was that all three tables the side of the room where I was seated had Mary-ites (ex and current) seated at them. Meha with mother. A Parsi lady with her husband and two super adorable, super-Parsi sons. Two girls with their parents. All in all, a dinner at Chung Fa totally made my evening.

I’ll put up pictures next FFT onwards. There’s going to be a post on Royal Orchid Central by tomorrow. Father’s Day dinner there. 🙂


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