Sweet Tomatoes

I woke up sometime around 11 a.m. this morning… after having slept well past 3 a.m. last night. I couldn’t hear a sound in the apartment. I wondered if the senior whose house I had crashed at had gone for that Sri Venkateshwara puja he’d planned to go for. I had my doubts. He’d come back from his poker party half an hour before I crashed.

I called up one of his roomies who asked me where I was and came running downstairs when he figured I’d slept the night at his place. How cute!

We thought we’d cook egg curry for lunch, but the filth in their kitchen disgusted me. I suggested a plan to clean up. His room mates were game. He wasn’t around. I bet he’s the culprit. He’s lived in this house for close to three years, methinks. I’d rather not get down to describing the cooking range. It’s a complete mess. Never mind all that. We scrubbed and scraped for close to two hours and had our hands and outfits soiled at the end of it. Well, honestly, it wasn’t even the end because there’s still some stuff left to do. God knows when that’ll be done though.

Sometime around 2, he was miraculously on the scene and suggested we go out for lunch. We were only too happy! He drove us down to Sweet Tomatoes.

A salad buffet, entirely like Not Just Jazz By The Bay. Or well, pretty much like it.

Some twenty-something salads and pastas to choose from.
Seven kinds of soup.
A range of breads and focaccia.
More pasta and sauces.
Fresh fruit.
Jelly, vanilla pudding, smoothies.

All unlimited, for only $8… minus the taxes.
And I didn’t even pay!!!

I was dropped home so that I could help my room-mate move in and they picked me up sometime around 6 on their way to Lake Johnson.

A happy day amidst the other kind of South Indians is always a pleasure.


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